1. I think David learned from Griffin's mistake from last year of basically admitting he would pick Buster Keaton if Keaton didn't win March Madness... But David is in the tank for Weir! He's gonna pick him! And maybe everything will calm down by then that we can really understand the Master & Commander phenomena.

  2. We have an early favorite for Best Short Film in the next year's Oscars!!!!

  3. Memory-holed: Movies that had a cultural impact at the time (like Best Picture Winners Slumdog Millionaire and The Artist) that have no significance now.

  4. I LOVE-love the concept of "dude knows all the answers on a trivia show because of his interesting life" (though I feel you have to mess with the chronology then). The execution was... fine. Or so I thought at the time. Still need to do rewatch.

  5. I do not need to be an accomplice to an inside joke that they will probably do anyways.

  6. I've never seen a phrase that more instantly became a part of my daily lexicon than "High Impact Sex"

  7. It's like an expression a business consultant would use if he somehow became a sex therapist.

  8. On the bright side, it will be hard for McKay to accuse critics who give this tepid reviews of destroying the planet.

  9. I think it's always a good guess Adam Driver will show up in a movie currently being made.

  10. ME: I despise all the nostalgic fan service bullshit movies do now.

  11. Sincerely, I believe this is what happens when Private Equity takes over the studios. They all read one business book they thought would make a GREAT movie.

  12. Fascinating to consider: Would a commentary episode on THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU exceed the cumulative amount of time discussing it spent by the entire rest of the world in the past decade?

  13. I like how in the trailer, there are moments where Damon is wearing a fedora and without any context it feels like his character is going, "These men are trying to destroy my life and my love... but I cannot deny they have style! I gotta get me one of those hats!"

  14. DAVID: And is that "Nash Bridges" remake ever coming out?

  15. Pulling this from the IMDB quotes page for Heart of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse:

  16. The only way to "know" this is to watch the Cars movies and the hell I will.

  17. ME *my most serious cinematic appreciating voice*: Awooga!

  18. Yeah, I'm a little torn about her recasting. She's far more plausible than Katie Holmes as a savvy assistant district attorney, but her performance belongs in a completely different movie from the one we're watching.

  19. I still feel bad for Katie Holmes that they finally give something the character to do in the sequel, recast the role, and Maggie kinda fumbles it.

  20. A classic: Andie MacDowell saying "Is it still raining? I hadn't noticed." in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

  21. I think for a contingent of Blankies, Griffin and David do better with movies that are or nearly are conventional Hollywood narratives. If you disagree, that's great! The boys have certainly covered filmmakers who don't make those type of movies and are clearly comfortable doing that in the future. But like, you're not going to persuade me I enjoyed the Jane Campion series more than I did.

  22. Back in high school, my best friend and I would invite people ever so often to watch Oldboy at my house as almost as initiation process to our friend group. It's the perfect way to mess with your teenage friends because a) the movie is great, b) the movie is fucked up, c) the review at the time really emphasized the former over the later, so if your friends did a little online research they still wouldn't be ready for the horrors in store for them. I highly recommend it.

  23. Thank god I won't have to see the absolutely painful trailer for this anymore

  24. With this and the Ant-Man trailers, I think we have hit the absolute nadir of super-hero trailers. They just can't sell them anymore!

  25. I was surprised by the enthusiastic response to the original from my corner of the internet for what I marked down as a "cute kids movie." Not surprised they couldn't catch lighting in a bottle again. (I SWEAR I thought of writing the last sentence before I remembered how being Shazam works.)

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