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  1. No one should be judging you on how you spend your money lmao that’s so petty

  2. Yeah I placed an order from highly concentr8ed on Friday and it still hasn’t shipped… just realized they are based in Florida. Not that I’m complaining, just hope every Floridian stays as safe as possible.

  3. It really makes me sick because that dog looks nothing like a wolf. Yes husky’s can look somewhat “wolfy” but if you’re a real hunter, you would know this isn’t a wolf.

  4. Should probably let her know you’re not a pharmacist

  5. My boss slipped and fell in the shower and broke her back in 3 places. She told me she was so afraid of someone seeing her lying there naked she somehow got off the bathroom floor and got into bed. Apparently the pain set in shortly after. Adrenaline is a helluva drug.

  6. I had such a disgusting look on my face while reading this, my coworker had to ask if I was alright lol

  7. Definitely the dude who got his foot amputated and then made the meat into tacos for him and his willing friends

  8. This made me mad just to read. Please quit that miserable job, you deserve better.

  9. Hey man, I’ve done it before too. Twice. First time wasn’t too bad, it was just a little, but the second time was a lot. I was mortified when it happened but my bf was a good sport about it too, and we laugh about it now. To make things worse for me though, it was after dinner and I happened to have 2 glasses of red wine that night. My boyfriend said it looked like blood all over his genitalia and that was the most horrifying part, apparently, but I’m sure the vomit running down between his butt cheeks was pretty weird as well.

  10. Needs a little hot sauce and you’re set 😮‍💨

  11. You couldn’t beat this info out of me with a bat, but this girl is just willingly declaring her love for horse cock. Crazy.

  12. A headset would be cool, love your Model O mouse

  13. I think that’s just the foreskin all bunched up

  14. My chi is getting up there in age and these posts just hurt so bad. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  15. i actually just bought god eater 3 and have been really enjoying it. it's kinda like if monster hunter and code vein had a baby.

  16. I’m 24 and have 0 friends, literally. Just my boyfriend but no friend groups to hang out with. I know how it feels.

  17. We have a lot in common! F24 let’s be friends :)

  18. Ahah sometimes I play cats video for mine and he stays glued to the screen. Often after dinner, when I'm sit at the PC, he comes and sit next to me waiting for a video

  19. I think it’s so funny how some dogs get so fixated by the TV, and then others just either can’t see it or couldn’t care less

  20. Mine sits and stares at me just like that. Except he's often panting and blowing hot dogbreath on my knee.

  21. Hahaha this was the only clip I could get of her not blowing her hot breath on me and quietly whining. I think she was a little mesmerized.

  22. It’s kinda scary how convincing they’re trying to be when they’re actually fake

  23. I would buy this in a heartbeat. Nice job!

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