1. Yes!! Always in a hurry. Always wet and sweating. Broken and black teeth. He showed me a gum infection one time after he had used a drill bit to open his gum line to let pus seep out. He wiped the pus away and there would be more just oozing out. He was always in pain with his teeth. Probably why he drank so damn much.

  2. I just recently got it on PS5 so I still have a bunch of catching up to do

  3. Fuck… my boyfriend and I loved him so much. RIP you beautiful soul

  4. They all look delicious but those scrambled eggs look amazing

  5. Congrats! Is the name a reference to destiny?

  6. I work 6-2. I’d benefit greatly from 8-4.

  7. I’m 8-4 and would kill for 6-2. Grass is always greener, I suppose.

  8. If my man didn’t kiss me after I sucked his soul out of him I would be offended

  9. The owls do more damage then some mighty Kemono, and the damn lizards knock me out of so many merge Katakuri

  10. I’m not sure if he even knows… the way he reacted a couple times when the snake turned around did not make me feel confident for him

  11. The tone of the message and the way they seem to be patting themselves on the back is just infuriating. Good job guys, you got that dude’s dab pen and probably set him back a couple years in life. A+ job…

  12. Concierge at a senior living facility. It’s like having 150 grandparents. Some of them are grumpy and mean but 99% are wonderful.

  13. I remember the one time I tried to do this on a Sunday. I get dressed in comfy clothes, and picked up some Wendy’s to sneak in. I noticed they’re abnormally not busy for a weekend but shrugged it off and went inside. Apparently a local church had rented the theater out for the morning and was having some kind of private service in there. It was so. Fucking. Awkward. Every head in the room seemed to turn to me. I busted the quickest u-turn and basically ran back to my car. I’ve got movies at home.

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