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  1. The way this was worded I thought for a second they named Damani Leech the Team President, Owner & CEO.

  2. I'm indecisive as fuck and second guess myself constantly. I need this in my life

  3. I pre ordered the Pro 2 and have the original pros. I don't find them uncomfortable, the problem is they turn and get loose. I mainly wear them at the gym and am constantly adjusting them.

  4. Part of the reason they were uncomfortable is because they constantly got jostled loose. I pretty much exclusively use my earbuds at the gym so those just didn't work for me at all

  5. I have hated the fit of everything released after the buds plus, but the pros were by far the worst. According to a youtube reviewer I saw, the fit of the buds2 pro is pretty much the same.

  6. I was going to purchase a watch 5, but they don't have an LTE version?? They show some guy riding his bike and talk about not needing to be near your phone in the video but then they don't have an LTE watch? How exactly am I streaming over bluetooth without my phone going down a mountain side?

  7. Where are you not seeing an LTE version for the Pro? It's selectable in the app for me

  8. Textra is the best SMS app. Even though there's an API issue where my S21 Ultra doesn't recognize links, I still can't change to a different app

  9. I haven't noticed any trouble with Textra on my S21 ultra. Have you cleaned up/reset (I forget what they call it) the app in Textra settings. Might be called start fresh or something, but you don't lose customizations or messages

  10. He's made so many catches like that it's almost routine at this point. He's gonna blow up this year

  11. Jackal Rising is near the top already of ball strength chart. Have you had it de-oil and resurfaced? Also might want to get yourself some low grit pads to sand it for the heavier longer volume patterns. Also the balls you list aren't going to be much stronger than a Rising but a ball like the Gem might be.

  12. It was a hand-me-down ball and I think I've gotten it de-oiled once but not resurfaced yet. That's a good idea though

  13. More surface is probably going to be the way to go for you. Don't be afraid to try 500 or even 360 on a ball. If you think you get a better reaction throwing the ball 1mph slower, give the ball enough surface that it slows itself down that extra 1mph. You'll probably still need to straighten out your angles because although you'll have more overall hook, it isn't going to be in the backend. But you'll probably find that straight up 10 line starts to get there, and has just enough angle to carry. or you may even find you can play a couple boards outside of that as long as you're angling your shots mostly straight up the lane and not sending it too much away from the pins.

  14. It's not so much that my reaction is better when I throw it 1mph slower as it is that I'm able to put way more revs on it when I do that

  15. Well at least the battery did increase to 4,400 mAh, so it is over 4,000 mAh. But it probably isn't enough for me to grab a pre-order unit.

  16. I've tried every iteration and Galaxy Buds are the only ones that stay in my ear all day because they have the little wing. I wish they would have kept that.

  17. Same. I'd still be using my Buds+ if the right one hadn't all of a sudden just stopped taking a charge

  18. It's not a golden ticket but it is a great opportunity. I've been working at a Salesforce Consulting company for about 6 months as my first SF job, and while the money isn't insane, it's also not bad. Plus I've learned a lot in a relatively short amount of time.

  19. It’s the same thing with anything in life, if you work harder than most people in your field you’ll be successful. Thankfully, the ceiling for high performers in this industry is higher than a lot of other fields. But the floor is nothing special.

  20. Idk man I make $70k in an entry level role while working from home doing a job I didn't go to school for. I'd say that's a pretty decent floor

  21. Congrats! I'm taking mine in two weeks. Were there actually a lot of questions referencing Workflow/Process Builder? I figured they would mostly have eliminated those by now with those tools being retired in the near future

  22. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  23. Can you get more then one ending in one playthrough? Or do I have to do ng+ for the rest?

  24. You have to NG+ for each new ending. If you're going for the Plat trophy/all achievements, there's only 3 "unique" endings you need to get. There's 6 total but 4 of those 6 are all variations of each other and you don't need to get all of them for the trophy

  25. Being imprisoned for months and having your legs broken with a sledgehammer doesn't exactly seem enjoyable

  26. Bring on the indignant menfolk....actually, if you Google Misery (1990) it was ALWAYS a comedy lmao.

  27. .... The hell does what I said have anything to do with gender. Also, "menfolk"? The actual fuck?

  28. I stubbed my toe in my garden this weekend and only cried for 20 minutes

  29. Our bodies don't have "tanks" where they can store sleep. They're basically leaky buckets that need to be refilled every day but all the overflow is just wasted

  30. 5 or 6 hours is barely enough to get your feet wet. Depending on how fast you play, your first NG run could take 100+ hours. The game is vast and if you just rush through the main quest line you're gonna miss a shit ton of stuff

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