1. Do y’all know how long the welcome package takes to ship? I got accepted on the 26th. I need my water bottle 👹

  2. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! i got accepted to applied science a few days ago :)

  3. amazing work i’m so glad we’re in 💪💪

  4. oh yeah you should join the disc server for prospective students at

  5. holy we're on class of 2027 already? damn now I'm the one feeling old for this school

  6. Hi, i’ve had your exact problem! Don’t use powder foundation to set your makeup, it’s foundation and not setting powder. I’ve found loose powder works the best for under eyes especially with dark circles. I use the l’oréal infallible pro sweep and lock and i also use the l’oréal infallible full coverage concealer btw. also, look into colour correcting instead of caking on concealer to try and hide dark circles cuz i’ve learned that the hard way hehe

  7. the loreal pro sweep and lock isn’t available where i live. do you have any recommendations for other powders or colour corrector??

  8. Ah I also used to use the NYX cant stop wont stop loose powder but I can’t find it anymore where I live. Basically you need a light, fine translucent loose powder. As for colour corrector, I use the nyx palette one which has like purple, yellow, peach, orange, brown, and green. There are many articles and tutorials online for how to match which colour to which undertone. I also used to use a slightly darker more orange toned concealer and then layer a lighter concealer over it, set, and then put a thin layer of white and peach eyeshadow over it to make it blend better.

  9. Cold water at 2:34 AM with a dry ass throat >>>>

  10. Give them one last chance. Communicate clearly that this can’t work, no sugarcoating. Don’t prioritize their own feelings over yours, you should take care of yourself and realize this is not a healthy situation and won’t benefit either of you long term, let alone short term. Please respect yourself, you deserve better. Just because they claim to “not be able to live without you” doesn’t give them the right to treat you like this. Mental health is no excuse to ghost your partner. As someone with issues myself, I make sure to at least let my partner know how i’m feeling and text them everyday, regardless of my energy level, and although sometimes I feel severely unmotivated and ghost everyone else in my life I still do the bare minimum to let my partner know I care for them. It’s just basic decency in a relationship, you communicate and care for the other and give them attention, regardless of how you feel and your energy level. My partner is my solace, talking to them daily is a priority and a basic need for me. That’s how a relationship should work on both ends. Give them one last shot and communicate this issue otherwise let it go, you’ll thank yourself.

  11. thank you ❤️❤️ and yes you’re right i’m a senior and we’re highschool sweethearts haha

  12. I DID THE SAME THJNG WITH MY BF!!! he’s not an anime or manga fan yet but i put him on hxh and he finished it in a matter of a few weeks and overtook me even though i started before him and it took me about a month 🥲🥲

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