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LPT: Need to divide something fairly between 2 kids? Let one kid make the split and let the other kid choose the partition. Because kid making the allocation won't know which partition he/she is getting, it will incentivize him/her to make the fairest possible split.

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  1. People generally sit in their seat. A lot of shows with assigned seats have one area of general admission where people might mosh and dance and the rest of the crowd is in their seats. In some cases people might stand up in front of their seats and dance a bit, kinda annoying tho.

  2. Yeah and that's my dilemma, Blink and Paramore's tours near me have a out area but the tickets for that are quite expensive. But it probably wouldn't be fun seeing them anywhere else.

  3. Most shows I go to are GA but the ones with seats are def still fun.

  4. No, as long as you're not hurting it in some.way

  5. Make sure you're wearing nice shorts that fit well. To baloony things that flare at or below the knee and especially not ones with big bulky pockets swinging around your kneecaps.

  6. Not sure what you're getting at here. Appropriate vaccinations are essential to a healthy lifestyle. There is no choice to be made, it's not like getting the vaccine prevents people from having a healthy lifestyle.

  7. Lawyer can try whatever defense they want but it's not gonna work

  8. Rush but if it was against King Crimson it'd be a different story.

  9. They are very popular for a reason. It's sort of "conventional taste". I don't judge you personally for it, it's just uninteresting. I don't doubt you are interesting in other ways.

  10. Most places but not all. There are plenty of places that add mandatory gratuity fee. It's not expected at fast food places. And yes it is morally right, regardless of your opinion on it don't take it out on the staff, if you patronize the establishment you should tip by default.

  11. Incel culture spreading amongst impressionable kids and some adults. Misogynistic gatekeeping

  12. Pretty much all the "seen on TV" products. Oh, and can't forget slap chop. Lol that dude was crazy

  13. Slap chop is actually kinda useful tho...

  14. Is that a Mastodon Christmas sweater. That's awesome haha. The sleeping giant.

  15. Of course they can, but it would lose them a lot of leverage. They prefer to dangle the health of their workers and their families in front like a carrot on a stick. Oh yeah, what are you gonna do, quit and then have to pay $18000 for getting sick?

  16. Lmao for kids?? My wife does this for me

  17. Baseball bat covered in nails wins all

  18. Still the nails could fall off easily, plus you'll need nails that are atleast 3 inches long

  19. Who cares. I am talking about looks and it looks a lot cooler than whatever the fuck you got.

  20. It's impossible to quantify who is "most hated", it's quite specific to area and social group, and also generally not based on the region someone hails from but far more superficial characteristics, like skin color.

  21. Do you notice some way you're straining yourself while driving? Or just after? It sounds like something is weird about your form. Could be the way you learned, could be just tensing up during a high pressure test, could also be just a badly designed car for your body.

  22. thats the thing, i drive an auto and am really relaxed when steering. its not like im gearshifting regularly, or clinging onto the wheel. it might be the weird stick (its shaped like a spray bottle) but otherwise im pretty sure my parent is lying to me lmao

  23. In an auto what are you doing with the stick at all? Why are you even touching it while driving?

  24. A lot of metal and some other stuff. Ihsahn, In Vain, IOTUNN are my tops this week

  25. No, the title reflects the world presented in the story, which is relatively static.

  26. Dunno, I live in a dense city and street parking is 99% full all day every day. Nobody gets upset unless you're blocking their driveway or something.

  27. Depends on your lease. I wouldn't if it gets particularly hot on the bottom. Your lease certainly has stipulations about flames on the balcony.

  28. If you look at the full korporate name you can see it is The Kidz Klub Kompany and that really clears up why they spelled it that way.

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