1. They should be casting young unknowns for all the A list roles

  2. I hope he isn’t. He doesn’t necessarily have to be if he had Damian earlier in this DCU than he did in the comics

  3. Would be a bit much for the first entry

  4. I wish he would use some comic writers like Morrison or even Tomasi to have some help from the writers that have given characters like Damian his depth and maybe Tomasi in writing the Green lantern series as well.

  5. Morrison seems to be a big influence on this slate. Hopefully they actually work on some of this stuff with Gunn

  6. People dislike Tom King for Heroes in Crisis, and apart from Goddard, the rest of them have questionable credentials.

  7. We’re waiting for the role to be cast

  8. There's a difference between lying maliciously and lying to keep suspense. I think it'd be a big surprise of we saw dick instead of bruce. Plus, we already have a bruce in the batterson sequel. I think this is something Gunn would pull.

  9. It would make no sense to tell people that this is a story about Bruce and his son, and then not do that

  10. If you can’t see through this for what’s really going on here, idk what to tell you

  11. Hard to pick one. It’s all so excited. My personal choice is Waller - I was dying for Viola Davis to cross over into the new DCU, and I’m stoked that she is!

  12. He’s almost 40, this is not hard

  13. I’ll be shocked if Levi is back as Shazam

  14. Smart to have it go pretty much right up until the new movie

  15. Unrelated but interesting tidbit in here is that the black Superman film is still in development. That’s awesome

  16. It’s the epilogue to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

  17. I don’t think they’ll go with an older Batman. At least I hope not. Either way I hope they cast unknowns in most of these roles

  18. Needs an arm cut off or something to be more accurate. Just kidding, this looks fucking awesome and it’s so cool that you made it all from scratch

  19. I don’t see red trunks or a yellow belt here, so not the perfect suit

  20. Interesting. I’m excited. It leaves some questions: what is the status of the other Robins? Are we doing an older Batman and younger Superman again? (I hope not). Will Damian become Robin in this continuity earlier than he did in the comics? Either way I think I’m gonna love it

  21. Most likely Batman starts his career way earlier (early 20's) and Damian is probably born during those years. If Damian is born at 23/24 Batman could be in his early 30's in that Brave and the Bold movie. Relatively young.

  22. Oo having Damian be conceived while Bruce is training is clever. He trains with Ra’s before he’s Batman and knocks up Talia way earlier than he did in the comics

  23. Oh sure, It sounds promising all right, but experience has taught me to remain cautious until I actually see something that's in accordance with this statement.

  24. You will, because the person who made that statement is writing the movie

  25. You never know what other things he may or may not get wrong. Not that he will, of course. Just saying people who have not been happy with Superman on the big screen are wary of getting their hopes up so soon.

  26. I think the reason my hopes are so high right now is because of how unhappy I’ve been with big screen Superman

  27. Did you watch Gunn’s announcement? He is specifically empowering directors and writers for this slate.

  28. to me… i get what he means in the sense that he had a specific vision for his own project and it’s normal that henry doesn’t fit the bill.

  29. I don’t think it’s Gunn’s job to discuss rumors that we’re floating around before he was hired

  30. Tracks with everything we’ve heard so far

  31. Who cares? Either it all happened, or some of it did. Either way we’re lucky to get a whole show with Davis’ Waller

  32. Judi Demch didnt have storylines that carried from one to the other Bond continuity, did her?

  33. And you sound desperate to discredit her no matter what. She has actual connections. She's had interviews with actual directors and actors, she correctly predicted the Henry Cavill cameo months in advance. She's had sit downs with Zack Snyder. Hate her all you want, but it's not outside of the realm of possibility that she knows someone who was in the meeting.

  34. Don’t think she needs any help being discredited lol she does that all on her own

  35. Wow so much hate for her here.

  36. I like him because he’s not boring

  37. Casting Hopkins is never a missed opportunity

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