1. Yep. I finally got around to making a mahogany tree farm at the quarry for hardwood. Evenly spaced (not densely planted) and still came home with over 400 pieces in one afternoon. Do that 2 or 3 times over your save file and you'll never need any more hardwood at all.

  2. YOU CAN FARM HARDWOOD? Oh my god I basically finished the game and never knew this.

  3. All the good things that have already been said. Diane's depression also really resonated with me. It was nice to see strong and nicely written female character's realistic struggle with a depression.

  4. it's a friendship, not a relationship so it's not that deep, friends come and go

  5. You're asking for an explanation, someone gives you one, and you completelt dismiss it. Maybe try to understand.

  6. As someone who also grew up with abusers, and a dog, the way you're feeling is completely normal and valid. It's not "just a dog", it's a dog. It's your dog, your close friend, someone who's been with you through it all. I am so sorry for your loss, wishing you the best.

  7. I gotchu boo. I cant find it on Google. But magically I saved it like 2 years ago on my phone when I first saw it case I thought it was funny. Freak chance lol ill message it to you

  8. do you still have it lol

  9. listening to ur single rn and this shit is pretty cool, not rly what i was looking for, but keep it up!!

  10. I have bpd too, I usually get emotionally swayed. So here's some to at least help with mood. Queen-lazing on a Sunday afternoon/ Steve lacy-some/mac miller-outside/Roy ayers obiquity-everybody love the sunshine/ fall out boy- nine in the afternoon/superorganism- something for your mind/ Didn't know what type of music you like but everything has a good mood.

  11. 10 months late but.. YEAH. hes one of the artists that i listen to when i need to feel understood. wouldn't surprise me if he's one of us.


  13. I've already had a password but only my mom knew it, she uses my pc sometimes, my lil bro tricked my mom to get the password :p

  14. your little brother is a demon!!

  15. thank you, that's really good advice. i think i need to start building a routine for that exact reason.

  16. Yeah, that looks pretty cool and I could totally make a cute graph in my journal. Gonna do that rn actually. Tyvm!

  17. the sharp ones, they make my insides bleed

  18. Just be yourself, nothing wrong with be a loner, it’s just our personality, I have lots of friends but always hang with my self

  19. im not a loner, i dont like hanging out by myself. thats the problem. i wanna have friends, go to parties and do dumb stuff.

  20. back to the future, but i happen to be watching it rn!

  21. 16 here, sucks so bad cos it feels like wasting "the important years" ...

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