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  1. I could be wrong but I don’t think drug stores hire scrawny tiny dudes to be security.

  2. lol trust me, in major cities they do

  3. This is also a Samsung thing. Edit: Samsung is the Apple of Android World. Swipe keyboard? Yeah, that was on Android first, and Samsung was one of the 1st manufacturers to roll that update out. Apple ditched the headphone jack on their newest models, starting with the iPhone 7. Samsung copies Apple a year later. Never fails.

  4. can confirm, my best friend has always had an android and apple is slowly taking samsung's best features and putting them in iphones

  5. weird way to spell kermit the frog

  6. looks like a poorly made tortilla that didn't cook all the way through because it was too thick

  7. That is what scapegoat are for. Give some money to media for them to point the mob at the design scapegoat while they drink martini in their safe haven.

  8. rupert murdoch would like a word with you...

  9. Also cannabis. Cannabis is a thirsty crop. We forget about it as we push for legalization everywhere, but the reality is it is a water drain.

  10. i'll take weed over burgers and cotton

  11. So don't point out when someone is making a nonsensical fallacious argument? Lmao sure buddy

  12. yes, reframe their argument in a way that discredits their own argument. Claiming, "Strawman!" weakens it. Imagine if your lawyer just shouted the name of the fallacies without elaborating. You rely on your opponent and audiences knowing specific fallacies. The point of an argument is to change someone's mind. Not to add more layers for idiots to dissect, like I'm doing for you.

  13. I did that. It's also not my job to explain basic concepts to stupid people. And it's hilarious that your hand wringing is in defense of those standing up for a sexual predator. And you're still just flat out wrong.

  14. also, do you need me to point of the logical fallacy you just fell victim too or do you have your

  15. Memorizing and learning actually both happen in the brain! Science shows it is all very connected.

  16. calling bs on this one. you telling me people use their brain to learn? gtfo

  17. That is the dumbest thing I have read today (so far). Plenty of Reddit to go.

  18. tbf, they did say "survive" not thrive, be happy or anything else. Hell, most of the world "survives" on less than $500/month

  19. And for what? Nothing you say is going to make that other person do better, feel bad, act remorseful... So why add any amount of escalation?

  20. what's fucked up is, as I was reading I thought to myself, "I bet this is NY." I've seen some very shady things go down at the nicest hotels

  21. Nah, they were always out in Orange County at random stereo shops.

  22. as much as I hate people blasting music, I love a good sound system. competitions on the best sounds tight

  23. As a frequent first class flyer I can tell you that on some planes the business section and first class section are relatively close. There isn’t always a border and the curtain (if there is one) remains open until the flight takes off. Also many planes (United) don’t have “first class” but business class which he may have been in. There’s a clear difference in distance between them, look at the distance of the guy behind “poindexter” and look at the distance between “poindexter” and nip. Clear difference

  24. lol you may be right that he paid for first class or business on a small plane. also, domestic flights aren't usually as luxurious in their first class / business class offerings, hence the lack of divider. The true give away that he paid to be in the front is that he's seated in row 4 and the older man is seated in row 5.

  25. Unless you live in the literal hood then you have nothing to fear about confrontations ending in gun violence.

  26. if this is about the usa, you forgot the /s

  27. You can't fix your stupidity, but you can cure your ignorance

  28. My dream job is to own parking lots in the downtown area of an expensive city. People just give you money, you don't even have to talk to them. You just put a pay machine, pave the lot every once and a while and collect money.

  29. tmoney clearly on that frankie muniz grind, this is a really smart investment especially in an up and coming city

  30. *looks around at plutocratic societies disguised as free and fair systems

  31. I’m stunned that people are talking about taking a life, like it’s vermin.

  32. And furthermore, how many people are gonna trust fucking Tinder/ with their social security number lol

  33. equifax probably already gave it them :/

  34. And charge your phone battery to be ready to combat weekend FUD.

  35. fud can't get you on the go if you can't check your phone

  36. It doesn't matter if your sister's available ,I don't want her with no gorilla! I mean look what they did to that little girls glass.

  37. I got a felony drug paraphernalia charge for an empty pill bottle that had weed residue-9 months down from a year. They gave me 2 years for a dui 4 times UNDER the legal limit. Ran these concurrently.

  38. jfc, hope you're doing well now though

  39. Thanks! I am. Close to my 6 years off illicit substances date. Went back to college and made it into an honors program. Fighting for custody of my kid and have a very strong case against mom, who can't seem to get her stuff together.

  40. Congrats on 6 years clean! Huge accomplishment.

  41. I’m finding myself addicted to my phone. Like I will put it in my room to read a book in the living room. Then I think “I need some smooth jazz because I’m annoyed by the lack of stimulation), bring the phone out, and at some point I’m just on Reddit.

  42. there's a great write up on "profound boredom" and how it allows us to create and explore new ideas. Our phones inhibit this profound boredom because we're able to so easily distract ourselves.

  43. Not really I’m free to believe in whatever I want, that’s what freedom of speech and religion is for, it’s only when I directly cause others harm then we should be talking about if it matters

  44. Ok so you clearly disagree with the whole Trucker protests. What if you spoke out against the trucker protests, but the people in charge of the banks liked the protests, so they decided to shut down your bank account for speaking out against them? How would you feel? Knowing your bank account was shut down and you were cut off from living life because you don't agree with the people in charge and their perspective.

  45. I actually don't disagree. The notion that context doesn't matter and one's beliefs should not be taken into consideration is what I disagree with.

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