1. Jesus, I picked the child one and I was like damn thag was hard the poll must be dead even

  2. None. Get fucking blood work. How are you going to know if your estrogen is spiking and avoid growing bitch tits? That's literally only 1 possible side effect.

  3. You could just use some compound that reduces estrogen in some wy or another. Like is there not one compound that reduces the functionality of the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen

  4. Get blood work done. How hard is that to understand?

  5. Bro I never said I was going to cycle without getting bloodwork done, tbh Im probally going to get bloodwork done and not cycle just out of curiosity. Its just a hyothetocal

  6. Areas of short grass... Cow fields, golf courses, The Curragh... For some strange reason, the location of Christian monasteries also seem to be places where magical mushrooms thrive... I wonder how those monks produced such intricate pop art.

  7. Golf courses are sprayed, don't pick there unless you want to be eating fertilizer.

  8. 24 waves for almost 4000 gems. But you need luck for this 😅

  9. Why would you consume carbs on psmf and protein bars usually have too much fat and carbs

  10. Lyle recommends taking in 5g of carbohydrates pre-workout and says you can increase it to 15-30g if you want, it's on page 29 of the book.

  11. ab the size in the picture, and a little more than a handful, they’re pretty filling for a treat though, especially bc they taste like normal cookies, you can also eat the whole bag for 260

  12. you’re not wrong 😭 i used to have an issue with BED so when i get into that mood eating a bag of these and reaching in to grab more helps curb that, and i’m not consuming more calories but still getting that sensation of eating more? if that makes sense

  13. Absolutely understand, this is why I stay away from biscuits and chocolate it takes 2 seconds to eat and its like 200 kcals

  14. It is certainly possible. The problem is muscle itself isn't what makes meat taste so good. Growing solely muscle tissue alone results in a fairly lean cut just by the nature of the tissue itself that could taste quite beefy, but likely quite dry. Turkey and chicken burgers can be almost mealy without intervention. The very first cultivated burger by Mark Post was described as being quite lean. That jives with our experience too if you just produce muscle tissue with no supporting tissues to complement the muscle taste.

  15. Honestly Im not trying to make the tastiest thing in the world, I was just trying to minimise fat calories on a protein sparing day

  16. Makes sense. Yes, lean meats are possible. Our chicken product is fairly lean.

  17. I want everyone to remember this is a 15yr old teen...

  18. Im currently in the same process of you Im currently 6 pounds up in 6 days, I dont imagine Im going to climb much higher though

  19. Personally im a fan of skipping refeeds for cat 2 ive fucked them up way too many times. Its really easy to go way over maintenance but if you thinknyou can handle it, its a good pyschological boost for some

  20. A bit late but the level 20 spear 1 shots the final boss and its really easy to get the 4 hit combo with it

  21. you shouldn't gain any weight, except for water replenishing, going back to maintenance. That's why it's called maintenance.

  22. Good luck. What are you using to track calories ?

  23. I dont live in the US so theres only 3 flavours, pb cup, gooey brownie and sea salt caramel. I plan to eat these everyday lol. I wanted to try a different flavour today but the pb cup is just so good and I went with it again.

  24. Ima keep eating pb flavour (since its the lowest calorie) for the next week till I finish my reverse diet lol.

  25. Thats a pretty large swing im guessing it justs that, and your weight will normalise, keep us updated though

  26. Oh wait I realised I misread this and your weight actually did go back to normal, all is good ig XD

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