School's out forever: Arizona moves "to kill public education" with new universal voucher law — Families who bail on public school will get $7,000 per kid in GOP's new scheme: "Every red state" urged to follow

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Thomas calls for overturning precedents on contraceptives, LGBTQ rights

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  1. Any reason it might take a few days for the transfer to process?

  2. Was the money "collected" in the account you're transferring from?

  3. No it was just sitting in one account and I moved it to another.

  4. It can also depend on the type of account you moved it from, if it wasn't just a savings to checking transfer there may be a transfer processing window before it completed if you were moving from, for example a 401k to a checking account.

  5. So those dating app profiles of “trucker passing through your town” are real?

  6. My boyfriend is also a truck driver, we're our own dating advertisement :)

  7. I wouldn't worry too much about it, there is someone out there for everyone.

  8. Thursday night is D&D night for my friends and I. Has been for over a decade. Normally, I wouldn't worry, but like, it just seems like a lot of people agree on this.

  9. It would be hard for us to go a day or two without speaking to each other when you consider that we live together.

  10. I really enjoyed when the fox news "entertainer" attempted to interrupt Transportation Secretary Buttigieg he continued speaking, clearly, calmly and in the same tone of voice to finish his answer.

  11. I'm really curious to know where they are sending their kids to be educated for only $7,000 for the entire school year.

  12. Maybe I have been ignorant but it seems to me that in addition to this being a major setback to woman's healthcare access, which is the part that I have heard talked about the most, it's also an issue to the other person involved in making that baby whether they understand it or not. Perhaps I have not been watching the right newscasts or coming across the articles that mention these additional things but do you know else is greatly increased by restricting abortion access?

  13. Having worked retail in a capacity to order in store, the next holiday is being delivered during the current one.

  14. I too also pull the locking pin release button when sliding my tandems.

  15. I went to a driving school that hires you after you get your CDL years ago. I had a few friends from there that I kept in touch with over the years.

  16. The offer letter usually spells out plainly what you were offered, what you were hired for, what is generally expected of you and has your agreed upon start date.

  17. I am guilty of drifting MY lane to encourage the person pacing me to move on or away from me. I'm not talking about a full on overtaking of the lane, we've all seen how some people drift in their lane close to the zipper that seperates the next lane. It's kind of a gentle nudge to fuck off away from me as politely as possible.

  18. What the actual fuck, I refuse to believe people are this stupid. This is one instance where I will legitimately full on ignore facts and pretend I didn't see something happen.

  19. You have people that genuinely think the vaccine was made by Bill Gates and includes injectable microchips but can't believe people are stupid enough to jump in front of a boat?

  20. Oh yeah, I can believe people are ignorant enough to believe those types of conspiracy theories but this, this is beyond that, this is, there are so many things that would have to go wrong for you to not know if you get in front of something moving you will get run over, bikes, cars, people walking, this wasn't ignorant, this was complete stupidity.

  21. You're not the asshole, those people are literally not aware of their surroundings.

  22. The government doesn't hate us, we have been taught from the moment that we set foot into a truck that "things have always been done this way"

  23. This is a clip from an incident that occurred in Luling, TX Aug, 2021. Intersection of US 90 & US 183.

  24. I don't understand the question, I just cry while staying in shape driving 100% touch food service frieght with a hand dolly.

  25. My memories of McLane are triggered by this description.

  26. Hi, I've also been looking at coming off OTR and fuel hauling too.

  27. I’m located in phoenix so we have 70+ drivers in our own yard, we do have drivers who are out of town and start their day at a truck stop, then drive to phoenix to load up. My days so far have consisted of two stops, one out of town stop and a local drop. Everyone here averages 12 hours it’s a slip seat operation, my days off are tues/Wednesday. You can always request more stops if you have the extra time or you can always refuse a load if your day is going sideways. My impression so far has been that they want you to run safely, don’t rush and have good communication with dispatch. I start at 3am and I aim to be at the yard at 2:45pm so the night driver can have some time to get settled in.

  28. Thanks for the response, it hasn't been easy finding someone to actually talk about the job basics and expectations.

  29. Yes, you have a flat spot in this picture. If you get inspected dot is not going to let that slide because the other parts of your tire are fine, they will cite you for that tire if they see that bald spot.

  30. I was looking at this masterpiece and it took me a few minutes to realize that the dragons nipple (also not the dragons nipple) was not pierced.

  31. I thought about getting one of these but the problem I run into is my truck came with a preinstalled mini fridge I am not allowed to remove, do you have an extra mini freezer to carry stuff like the brats?

  32. Any chance you could use your ELD to track its location? Could be helpful to try if you hadn't already.

  33. Hahahaha that's perfect, I was like wow the guy that got passed must have been road rage triggered... And then I saw the flashing lights after. Sweet justice.

  34. I haven’t received summons yet. But the case was filed. I kinda want to avoid it

  35. How do you know a case was filed, did you receive a phone call telling you that a case was filed attached to your social security at your local county?

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