1. They wouldn’t just take the meters even on a warrant for non payment they would change the meter to a prepayment type to recover the debt while still allowing you to use the service. They also don’t remove the electric meter to cut you off the remove the service fuse Something doesn’t sound right here.

  2. They would remove the tampered meter for evidence but still have to put new prepayment meters in even for tampering. If you have tampered with the meters more than once then they can cut you off at the street.

  3. I’ve not had a lot of luck with bridging the pins I usually ground out to a good earth seems to work a little better.

  4. I see - seems like everyone is recommending halfords lol

  5. I don’t know if the warranty is officially transferable but I’ve never been asked for any proof of purchase they just swap out the broken ratchet.

  6. Braze it with a silicone bronze rod, you’ll need mapp gas or oxy fuel but it should hold just fine.

  7. Do airguns not require a firearms licence now too? Pretty sure that is the case in Scotland.

  8. You don’t need a licence for an air rifle in England and wales if it’s under 12ft/b muzzle energy anything over 12ft/b needs to be on a FAC licence. Scotland and NI require all air guns to be licences regardless of power.

  9. Yeah think that might be the best way just rock up their and asked them see what they say init thanks mate

  10. Just give them a call is the best way they usually have a direct dial on the website to speak to a firearms licensing officer.

  11. You need a compressor with an air tank reservoir to build up some pressure. The one you can cannot pump enough air to seat the beads. It that’s all you have though, take out the valve core set it going and use the flame method to get it seated.

  12. It also gives me a fault on adress 25 , inmobilizer cannot be reached .

  13. Immobiliser control is located in the cluster too.

  14. I’ve updated the post with diag sheet if that tells you something else , but thanks a lot for the help

  15. That scan says it’s the cluster that has gone off the CaN hopefully it will repair or it could be a wiring fault.

  16. Brake cleaner to get the worst off then neat washing up liquid.

  17. Time to get yourself another Dr! In the early days before I had a diagnosis I went to the doctors because I couldn’t move any of my toes, one Dr said I was putting it on to get a sick note for work 🤦🏻‍♂️

  18. Do it once and do it right saves time and money in the long run.

  19. What did he ask for a chin cut and polish?

  20. There is a process I think it’s under the utility’s act for a “no notice” warrant where the utility company believe there may be tampering with the meters going on.

  21. The main reason is most emissions tests only check percentage of gasses present not volume of exhaust.

  22. Sounds like the unlock switch in the remote key may have broken, try and find someone in your area who can fix the switch it’s cheaper than a new key.

  23. Seems weird that would happen to both though, when I only use one key, so maybe it's low key batteries if they're both original?

  24. Won’t be anything to do with the batteries or the other key buttons wouldn’t work either definitely a vehicle issue. Might be related to the rear wiper motor issue

  25. Lifesaver!!This is what ended up doing it. PB Blaster for awhile, propane torch for awhile, and the chisel got it to finally break loose. Thanks a ton, my man!

  26. Thanks for the update, glad you got it sorted.

  27. I read this as “is horsepower addictive” at first and thought “to an unhealthy degree”.

  28. Modern cars are designed to under steer as it’s easier for the average driver to control. To be fair most cars would snap oversteer during a mid corner lift.

  29. Get the car on a jig before you start with that amount of damage the frame could be twisted.

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