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  1. Are you licking yourself again, frog soos?

  2. Ok, the star thing is new to me.

  3. Well yeah it was filmed in the australia house on the strand. It's the Australian star.

  4. Could be, my nahida charged attacks one-shot them, doesn't dendro shred electro shields really fast?

  5. If Tighnari is on this list Keqing should be as well. He's definitely not getting a banner anymore.

  6. If he's not getting a banner what's happening to his 5 star weapon?

  7. I think the Kageuchi is better on Jean. It's at least more drip.

  8. No sac Spear sadly, so fav Spear would probably be most desired

  9. Yeah it turns gold and looks super good on kuki

  10. Gonna need to be more precise than that

  11. The gif is about the anime goblin slayer, where the guy in armor (you can barely see him) kill goblins in cruel but very efficient ways, smoking out there dens, this fits since tossing a bag of infinite flower and making it go boom would definitely be something he would do.

  12. There will be a new area in 3.4 so I'm sure there will be new chests.

  13. white tassel is liyue exclusive sadly, so those chests would not work.

  14. Yep, saved my ass hundreds of times

  15. I think its fair for a Region like Inazuma to have reduced Sigils in exchange of better rewards

  16. I mean, more sigils means more chests to be opened aka more primogems, so I don't really have a problem with it

  17. iirc she said: I wouldn't want that serpent to ruin me

  18. The spear gives hp% for better shields

  19. German science is the world's finest

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