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  1. Perhaps rowing? I’ve never heard of it being a sport outside of Ivy League settings, so I may be way off there.

  2. About $1,200 a season, roughly speaking, for a youth league. I wouldn't say "expensive" but it's all relative.

  3. I remember the time working nightshift as a nurse in a particular hospital- we would make rounds every hour down each wing to turn patients.

  4. Somewhat similar to "something not working around a moment of (near) death"

  5. I don't expect to be believed, but as someone who has experienced it, you really don't want proof. It can make you feel profoundly unsafe in places that are supposed to be the most secure sanctuaries in your life. As a teenager, I would frequently hear footsteps in the attic above at night, and we'd wake to find all the doors in the upstairs hanging open. It's not even an inherently hostile activity in and of itself, but it's deeply unsettling in ways that will affect you psychologically and intrude on your ability to go about your life normally.

  6. Not the same thing exactly, but my grandfather died when I was in my early twenties. He and I were very close. I struggled with his death and barely cried at his funeral because I knew if I did I wouldn’t stop.

  7. I've had a fairly active dream life, fwiw. I'm still unsure exactly what happens in dreams, and I'm also not certain if there are multiple "types" of dreams.

  8. For you? Sure! Here's a long one I have from back when I was an LNA for an "assisted living facility" (it was 100% a nursing home but they couldn't meet staffing regulations so they called themselves a facility instead.)

  9. After looking at the imgur link, I think I understand the map better.

  10. I spoke with Ron Washington, AA, Weiss, Snit, and Vaughan Grissom.

  11. Ehhh, It doesn't teach everything, but it's usually a reality check for a lot of us.

  12. I'm not gonna down vote you but I believe Springbank ppm is easy to find online.

  13. guh..... One day I'll be on the big boy watch level. However untill then Seiko puts out a ton of fun limited editions and I'm shocked that the custom scene has not bankrupted me yet.

  14. They make hogsheads and quarter casks mainly out of broken down barrels because barrels are the most plentiful casks available, all essentially sourced from the American bourbon industry. And they add extra staves to build a hogshead because it takes up about the same amount of space in a warehouse as a barrel, but holds slightly more liquid. As a bigger refill cask, a hogshead can be matured longer without fear of imparting too much cask influence into the spirit as well. I've heard that they're making less and less hogsheads these days, however.

  15. I've also heard that it is easier to transport these on horseback than a full size barrel.

  16. Caught a demon listening to 3-6 Mafia back in the day.. one sip of Ginger Ale and I am healed in the name of Ginger, hashanamacanadadrymanashameh!

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