1. They don’t come out stronger, they just aren’t completely eradicated. In FNV, they are far weaker than pre-NCR attacks. They are constrained to Red Rock and not much beyond that.

  2. The khans are a tiny group in a shithole in Fallout 1, get wiped out entirely except for 1 person and somehow end up occupying an entire vault, get wiped out entirely except for 1 person and somehow end up having hundreds upon hundreds of members, get destroyed by the NCR and still have a rather large settlement after that.

  3. There's still no actual release date yet and they keep pushing it back. Once we get a proper, set in stone release date, Jon will hopefully let us know.

  4. Its something pencil pushers want because they have the delusion that you can do something to stop the piracy "issue"

  5. Fallout 1 mentions a mild airborne strain being accidentally released on the West Coast in one of the terminal entries. Harold also states he was knocked out and exposed to an indeterminate dose for an unknown amount of time and when he woke up, he was "Harold" when explaining his backstory in Fallout 2.

  6. There are pre-war ghouls who were never exposed to FEV before turning. FEV has nothing to do with ghoulification. The original devs toyed with the idea but dropped it decades ago.

  7. Winters and Lockheart are both pre-war ghouls. As in ghoulified before the war in an attempt to prolong their lives, not just born before the war and ghoulified after.

  8. The reasoning given by Amata depends on what you did during the quest.

  9. I only care about bugs if they actively have a negative impact on gameplay enjoyment.

  10. Lore says they're not allowed to age. I think the same technology that keeps Kellogg ageless is used in them.

  11. No, it says the child synth is not allowed to age. The ability of normal synths to age has never been brougth up, and realistically they should age as otherwise it would be really easy to tell that they are synths.

  12. When was and what do you count as the last "main" BGS hit? FO76 was a shit show of historic proportions and 2015's FO4 (almost 8 years ago) was held together by duct tape and barely hung in their due to prior good will towards the IP and studio.

  13. It was a big success because it was riding on the goodwill of Obsidian's New Vegas which had driven the appetite for more Fallout to a crescendo over the years.

  14. No, New Vegas was not driving the hype, as it reviewed worse and sold worse than Fo3.

  15. From memory, they claim that it wasn't them - that the attendees fell out amongst themselves and it turned violent.

  16. The people with a history of murder and sabotage claim they aren't responsible for the murder and sabotage that actively aids them, and which had a single synth survive the massacre.

  17. There’s list that track the best selling games of all time. I believe Skyrim is in top 10 with ~30 million sold. Would be cool if Starfield made that list.

  18. The 30 million number for Skyrim is 5+ years old at this point.

  19. A lack of dismemberment has not been confirmed. Not sure why you think it has.

  20. In what capacity? He is no longer PM, why are they inviting him? This is very sinister. Clearly Boris retains a lot more power than he should have.

  21. Maybe Zelensky just wants to chat to the guy who helped Ukraine in their time of need? Believe it or not, but some people have good reason to like BoJo, no matter how much of a complete dipshit prick he is.

  22. Sveriges BNP har ökat frÄn 230miljarder till 700miljarder under den perioden. SÄ finns ju mer pengar att skicka.

  23. Varför tÀnker du i för valuta?

  24. Gick bara efter listan som finns hÀr

  25. I don’t know exactly why, but it might be chronological order of when they were built: 111 was built after 101, etc.

  26. We know that can't be it, because vault 108 and 92 started construction before vault 13.

  27. Det fanns ett hemligt avtal att vÀnsterpartiet skulle vara dörrmatta Ät sosseregeringen sÄ man kan absolut rÀkna in dom i regeringsunderlaget

  28. Visste inte att rakt av sÀnka en regering rÀknades som att agera dörrmatta. DÀr ser man.

  29. In the 90s we had similar problems in Lithuania. It was a wild time when it felt that gangs and mafias had more power than state. It could have been even true for a couple of years. We solved that problem with relentless brutality from police and swat teams. When fuckers bacame dying and understood that no one is playing games with them, all that gang shit was taken under control. Now we are one of the safest societies in EU.

  30. ... so you are asking the idiots who butchered a timeless classic to do it again? How is people still giving Activision Blizzard trust? Come on!

  31. Dragonflight is leaps better than Shadowlands, so Blizzard is capable of making good stuff. Hell Diablo 2 resurrected was also competently made.

  32. The protectron Mr Fluffy seems to be somewhat sentient, as he understands how shit his situation is as he is stuck there against his will, has emtions regarding how Miguel died, and gets happy to see a new volunteer build stuff.

  33. Depends heavily on who is in the writing room at the time of the writing. It used to be related to the pan immunity viron but that's been paved over

  34. Neither FEV nor the Pan immunity viron were ever part of ghoulification. The OG devs agreed to just have it be radiation, and no devs since have altered that.

  35. I don’t think referencing a single optional vault with a lush biome makes the game lush

  36. FoNV also has Mount Charleston which is rather green and lush, and Zion also has some lush greenery about.

  37. It had a better release period than Skyrim did, it just didn't have the same legs.

  38. If we're talking about real life then sure that would make sense. But there's no added difficulty to modifying and maintaining energy weapons beyond the fact that you need to upgrade different skills to modify them and use them efficiently. Which if your building a character who specializes in energy weapons would pan out to being exactly as difficult. No method of gameplay is any harder or easier than any other until you plug the skills and perks you have chosen into the equation.

  39. It didn't seem like we were discussing lore, the original question was about regular guns vs energy weapons. There was nothing about lore in the question

  40. I think you're right. I bet landing is something we can do in certain spots , but maybe the transition from space to atmosphere is a loading screen? So maybe not seamless, but if they can fly a ship with people in to a fight, then I assume we can too.

  41. Oh yeah the Scandinavia stuff? I mean...I can't even find that in the Fallout Bible. I dunno where that came from.

  42. Probably came from the Fallout 'fandom' wiki or similar. I've seen people quote it in the past due to not realizing it's just a fanfiction wiki and not a canonical one.

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