1. You might have the wrong flair my guy.

  2. The Google CEO is literally Indian.

  3. It’s the only avatar that comes up on

  4. Accumulating and distributing ETFs are treated differently so that there is no tax advantage for picking one over the other.

  5. I’ll switch to German to explain, but if an English speaker wants me to translate I can:

  6. Really cool, that’s the type of quality posts that i’m here for.

  7. Einfach einen klassischen S&P 500 ETF.

  8. These numbers are all useless when the shareholder gets overly diluted, which is currently the case.

  9. If Trump loses his re-election then it will be entirely his fault.

  10. I think he’s trapped in Truth Social contracts to exclusively use their platform.

  11. Remember what happened to shareholders once Buffett bailed out Goldman Sachs in 2009?

  12. Trade Republic ist mit Abstand der beste Anbieter.

  13. Service Corporation International

  14. Im surprised to learn he’s only 64. I was going to say that’s an incredible body for someone in their late seventies. Even still, pretty fit for 64

  15. This guy definitely takes a shit ton of growth hormones and potentially other stuff. You don’t just look like that being 64 years old.

  16. There is no free money on wall street go back to your local casino.

  17. I’d consider BAC, they might even benefit from this madness since depositers rush from regional banks to "safe" ones.

  18. Tabakkonzerne verursachen mehr Schaden als Nutzen, auch wenn sie Steuern zahlen.

  19. Prohibition hat noch nie funktioniert.

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