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  1. What are we going to do tonight Brain?

  2. Same thing we do everynight Pinky, try to drain the fluid from my skull!

  3. A normal site on military aircraft.

  4. My girlfriend heard me listening to this from the other room. She asked if I was watching one of those gay pornos that starts with both the dudes fist fighting eachother again....

  5. Yea, I think Joe Derosa's only credit is fucking Nicki Glaser.

  6. Because having an election twice every couple of years would just be confusing.

  7. Yea, and if a dude cums in my ass Ill break his arms. The circle of life.

  8. Its probably way further back than a month. Its there.

  9. Go to the ones with the blue lights if you want a real adventure

  10. Here is an additional pro tip. Do not marry that person. Just trust me on this one.

  11. Give it a whack with a hammer and then report it again. That will get the job done.

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