1. I'm glad I'm only listening to this through an iPhone speaker and surprise how well it reproduce the annoyance without making me deaf.

  2. Lol i was looking through comments to see if there was an update and I guess others are too

  3. I've been coming back to this profile every few hours…

  4. OP you still need to be at the ER already, I hope you stopped replying just because you're being taken care of at an hospital now. Please get back to us.

  5. I use Linux and nord. Command line friendly. Would recommend

  6. I've tried switching to ProtonVPN (from Nord) but my IPTV streaming failed not so spectacularly with Proton and I'm back at Nord.

  7. I know there are certain points where you can simply run it and hit a checkpoint. Like the big room in the Sewers that's full of egg sacs, where you have to pull a lever. The game checkpoints you as soon as you reach the lever - so you can just run to it, die to the gajillion zurks that hatch, then respawn right next to the lever.

  8. I’m the exact opposite, and I think it’s due to my poor vision. I can’t STAND dark rooms, it makes me feel disoriented and the shadows from just having tons of lamps only makes it worse :/

  9. Having more dimmer lights actually reduce shadows

  10. In the theater biz, we call them Work lights. That may be dialectical, though.

  11. Come to think of it the house light is actually dimmer

  12. Do you have that powertop service running, I once had this interfere with my desktop and any link not up at boot time will never come up unless I unload and reload the kernel module. I forgot how I finally figure that out but stopping powertop service from auto start fixed this because it no longer disable network device with downlinks.

  13. It's good enough for CERN it's good enough for me, just pricy tape drive is something that I can't work out yet.

  14. I think this is a question best posed to

  15. They should have added Ethernet if this was their target market.

  16. Only ~13 watts is available to the device over PoE, though. Even the HomePod Mini needs 20 watts. A nice idea, however.

  17. That's pretty exaggerated power requirements, I run a pair of passive stereo speakers with built-in crossover and the amp never draws more than 3W on average. Give the SoC another generous 5W then 2W for Wi-Fi, there's still plenty of power untapped.

  18. That’s the great part; you don’t need to go to work. Instead, you can seek to better yourself through education, broadening your horizons, maybe learn an instrument and become more cultured

  19. The sun is loud AF. If there was atmosphere to propagate the sound from 93 million miles away, the sun would be around 100 decibels loud on earths surface. As loud as a concert or jackhammer just outside your window

  20. Any source or hints on how this is calculated?

  21. Are you seeing your game/kvm on an external monitor? Since you're using PCI passthrough graphics should go straight to the port from your passthrough GPU to your monitor, if you are seeing it from the QEMU window then you're likely not getting accelerated graphics.

  22. 44.1kHz 16bit is actually the end game, anything more is superfluous stuff made up by marketing. Yup, Sony and Philips engineers are worth their knowledge when defining red-book CD standards. It's not much harm go slightly high sample resolution (48/24 is totally reasonable). Just don't get sold crap like MQA or DXD.

  23. Yeah I hadn’t even heard of MQA until I started looking into Tidal. I’ve got no clue what it is lol

  24. I almost scrolled past this and I cannot state strongly enough how thrilled I am that I did not.

  25. That was my favorite part too. The whole video I kind of thought they were both being somewhat nice and reasonable, and somewhat childishly unreasonable at the same time, I couldn't decide who to root for. But then he had that line about a journey, and I was sold. He was right, she should have moved her tripod.

  26. Or just carry on right on the spot, or turn the camera angle a little bit to the right? It's not like he's gonna do anything to the stream besides sitting there.

  27. Both your mouse and speaker are connected to the Mac via Bluetooth? One of them might have a BT version too old and using airtime very inefficiently.

  28. You can see that area on Street View, someone photographed the interiors as well. It looks pretty nice:

  29. Virt-manager works pretty well NGL, works better than I could make it work on my Mac and almost as good as on my Linux workstation.

  30. Idk why this showed up on my home page when I know next to nothing about programming, but can I get an explanation?

  31. That's the begin and end mark for a multi-line comment, so that means the whole 2000 lines were written as comment, which the compiler would immediately discard at the beginning of a compilation (conversion of human readable code to machine executable code).

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