1. my mom smoked while she was pregnant with me, my brother, and my sister. i have an auto immune disease, my siblings are both older than me and they are/always have been healthy. i’m in no way defending this, i would never smoke while pregnant or even trying convince, i’d just want to just my kid it’s best chance at being healthy. i guess i feel that even more being chronically ill 🥲

  2. i thought mormons couldn’t even drink alcohol what is going on

  3. She’s a beautiful girl who sadly looks like she’s inherited her mother’s body dysmorphia. She’s already had work done and she’s not even 20. So sad.

  4. he’s holding out for a position in his field of study

  5. hi, i am sorry you are struggling with this and carrying something heavy after a big change. i am so proud of you for quitting drinking. you should be too. please hold onto to whatever it was that got you through.

  6. Saturday night = drunk people. Drunk English people on the tube sometimes results in profound verbal shitposting. You should visit sometime, obvious American. Most likely true.

  7. i’m not american, and my fiancé is english. i’ve been to the UK. this is just stupid lol

  8. hold it or invest til i finish school. use it to move to the east coast or convince my fiancé to move back to his country(england).

  9. also, “did you stone those tights?” whenever i’m hyping someone up 🤣

  10. no because i have the same view. i’ve been here for 25 years and i am ready to go😅 the past couple years have been exceptionally challenging and i understand our housing system was rocked by covid but i just don’t think i have it in me to stick around until it gets better. i deserve to live in a place where i can picture building a life with my partner at a normal pace and not be in constant struggle or having to put important things on hold. we have degrees, we work hard, we want to keep progressing. we shouldn’t have to live just to pay our rent in a city that isn’t giving much back to us anymore.

  11. if he is an older Chinese guy the only way you will know what he is drinking is if you ask him

  12. thank you for this advice and insight! the alcohol laws in ontario are very rigid when compared to elsewhere; i agree with you that i wish we had wider selections for reasonable prices, considering we have one retailer for liquor, spirits, and speciality wines. i know wine has a broader variety with there being a lot of “wine shops” and such, but you still commonly only see the staple imports like european, australian, and south american wines. i’ve personally never even seen a chinese wine available in these shops.

  13. In the east end do you mean Scarborough, Parliament St., or East York? If you're in Scarborough there are a ton of herbal stores that sell teas like this in boxes. Easily catch-all location to shop would be Pacific Mall, but there are a lot of plazas on Sheppard that have them as well.

  14. i’m in east york, but i do go to school in scarborough (morningside/ellesmere) so i will look into Sheppard. thank you!

  15. When Jo tells Kail it’s a beautiful day outside & when she says yeah he says she doesn’t deserve to be outside & should be in a cave

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