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  1. Couple chill protests, concerts, clubs, office buildings. Barely use it but i get kicks out of it.

  2. That’s my wife’s house where she lives with her boyfriend. And that black abyss is where I sleep.

  3. You think it's funny making jokes about fat women?


  5. I feel like the audio should become a techno track. Someone send this to Skrillex.

  6. Lol. imagine if consumers boycotted Apple for that percentage increase.

  7. Your joke isn't vibing well with this audience.

  8. Wait. This is a weird article. Saying that women have fewer citations implies that women do worse research since no one takes under consideration (or sometimes even knows) the gender of the author when they want to cite an article.

  9. Citations aren't a metric of quality, really. After all, the eastiest way to get a lot of citations is to write a wrong paper with a famous person ;)

  10. It also seems to ignore social norms (or anomalies.) Limiting the graph to NAS level scientists, how many of those would be recommending, or even working closely with a person of the opposite sex prior to about 1970? Seems there would be an implicit social bias that would skew the results be default.

  11. It is pretty common for countries to exempt religious figures from reporting crimes because they have a religious obligation of secrecy on confessions.

  12. So, you's like an empty box where you could put things in. And you can declare a type....that's like writing a note on it that says what you HAVE to put in that Box. Did you understand that, or should i go again...?

  13. To all the fellas out there with ladies to impress, It's easy to do just follow these steps: 1, cut a hole in a box 2, put your junk in that box 3, make her open the box And that's the way you do it

  14. Fantastic, another energy source that will be suppressed by government and lobbyists and likely only be used in weapons.

  15. But why? In the good ole US of A its easy to blame corruption or corporate greed, but is that really it? How are most (all?) western countries experiencing this at the same time?

  16. Everyone has a basis on the US dollar and recently the fed has been printing money like it’s gonna go out of style. Employers are not increasing wages to match this unprecedented currency creation.

  17. Literally the same phrase I was going to quote after reading. 80 is big enough for 2 IT staff. Easy. I’ve seen companies with 3 at this size. With one IT staff, your company is neglecting some very important security basics: job rotation, mandatory vacations, separation of duties, to name the obvious ones.

  18. I’ve seen the “hit by a bus” issue come about at least 3 times in my career, sadly. One time it was literally a bus.

  19. You take the electrical box out of the wall, leaving a hole in the sheetrock, cut it oversize since it'll be buried forever. Then using a remodel box (the kind with screws and the little tab wing things) cut a hole of the appropriate size in the back of your cabinet. pull the wire from the wall, through the cabinet hole and install the remodel box into the cabinet instead of the sheetrock. Then make up your connections, cover plate it up and you've got a slick clean looking install that doesn't have a giant hole that looks like it was cut with a spoon.

  20. I was thinking tin snips but spoon might have done the trick

  21. Have you seen the power consumption/heat generation by our chips? You could use one of them to heat your house this winter.

  22. Yeah. Rising prices and power consumption make the high end a hard sell to me personally.

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