1. As an ER doctor, thank you for that. This post does not makemesmile, it gives me anxiety.

  2. I read about this rumor on this sub but in the other version, this alleged Nikkah was in Dubai

  3. This is heartbreaking. Just 23 and was here for a better future. Can't imagine the pain his family is going through. I know some neighborhoods are bad and I get that they got mugged, but who just open fires on a bunch of people they have already successfully robbed?

  4. Kangana looks the most polished here. The others' looks go from tacky to cheap looking.

  5. These are just regular clothes with a button front that aren't going to let you nurse discreetly. Such a wasted opportunity.

  6. Seriously, am I the only one who finds that annoying?

  7. It just comes across as very fake. I don't even know why she does that even though she's basically like queen bee in any circle she is a part of.

  8. Not an OB but in the US the drug addiction epidemic, severe obesity, and geriatric pregnancy are all increasing trends for the last decade

  9. I could be wrong but I think there is a lot more surveillance and recognition of post partum hemorrhage as well.

  10. This is most likely because of a possible end to affirmative action in the coming months by the Supreme Court. As with the law schools pulling out of the rankings, it allows you to continue with affirmative action in all but name without hurting yourself in the rankings. The LSAT played a big role for law school rankings which will eventually be eliminated after 2025. Similarly, the mcat plays a big role in the rankings as well. As some will remember, NYU jumped up in the rankings after their average mcat and gpa scores went up when they made tuition free.

  11. This is interesting - seems they are using entry requirements to rate the program. I would have thought USMLE scores or maybe even publications after entering the program may have been more reflective of the program's successes.

  12. I could be wrong but I have heard that if you're going to keep a deity like that close to you, you want to keep the "soumya Swaroop", ie the soothing avatar/version so that you get peace from it. So Vishnu Bhagwan would be ok but Kali mata probably not a good idea.

  13. I'll never forgive these people for the snow globe

  14. Oh yeah, I thought it was the same person but wasn't sure.

  15. Someone needs to tell him to button up. All the outfits where he is buttoned up look great.

  16. She’s been seeing her manager/secretary for quite a few years now and they live together. Sucks that she won’t come out publicly.

  17. She'd basically be "cancelled" if she came out, especially since her main income is as a garba singer. But definitely kudos to her for not confirming to a lot of societal standards and still living her life on her own terms.

  18. This is a good thing. You know what the new job requires and write it accordingly.

  19. Are in some vlog saba said that Sunny's mom is her mom's bhabhi

  20. I looked her up - 206K followers - is that enough to quit a medical career and become an influencer?

  21. Oh I can tell you something that's a bit harder.... breaking down in the parking lot bawling in your car because your baby is only 2 months old and it was your first day of work and you didn't get out until 14 hours into your shift... and now your breast pump won't work. Yep!

  22. Exactly, she was never sanskari at all. Hidden her relationship for 7 yrs( having relation isn't bad) while preaching parents jo pasand Kare usi se nikaah karma chaiye and all, while simultaneously having relationship. This same Chabutra preaches sanskaar to Riza while that teenage girl applied nail paint.

  23. I know in most families, elders start looking for rishta once girl is in her 20s, how did she evade this process for so many years? They must have known!

  24. I would AMA that patient - document discussion and have them sign a paper.

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