1. The Income Tax slabs were supposed to be increased according to inflation but our government didn't bother to change the tax slabs since they got elected. Income Tax is a highway robbery in India.

  2. ????? The highest tax slab was raised to 15 lakhs this time. Your picture is 1 year old. We're in FY 2023-24 now

  3. Few days ago in Karnataka, a VHP leader wasn't arrested despite admitting he murdered a Muslim

  4. Any article ?? Probably in the coastal cow belt I think


  6. Sure, someone "accidentally" detonated a bomb

  7. The end of Auto Mafia is upon us in Mumbai. Finally the common man will have more power over the goons.

  8. Wait till you find out they don't use meter in most places in India. Mumbai is far better in this regard

  9. Surely calling on Hindus to slit the throats of people is illegal, right?

  10. Hilarious that an independence referendum is taking place outside Punjab. Up next Indians will vote for Scottish independence in India


  12. Apparently this article is behind paywall

  13. We can't let Adani crash, he got huge loan burden, over thousand crores! Our economy would tremble if this guy fails to pay these loans.

  14. He's never going to pay those loans anyway

  15. Will it eventually stop or is he done for good?


  17. What's the connection of Prophet Muhammad with pathan Movie ?

  18. SRK and SRK only. Since the #1 reason they hate him is because he's Muslim

  19. Why this overreaction by the authorities ? The sheer brazenness of the actions seem to expose deep fear. This is beyond stupid.


  21. IndiaSpeaks is overcensored. I am banned there despite never violating any rule, never disrupting their sub.

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