1. 2 of these names I haven't heard in a while, and I'm still shocked they're still around. What do they even do anymore?? I haven't seen a physical blackberry device in maybe 6+ years, and last I heard of Nokia was sometime around 2012 when they partnered with Microsoft to make Windows Mobile OS Phones. Like blackberry, they fell to the wayside.

  2. Do you have an explanation? Seemed like they were friends also

  3. Artosis could just play off stream if he so desire, but we know why he won't. Not defending stream sniping but if RT_ cared that much about his precious mmr and bsl spot, the solution is quite simple. Banning buccaneers won't block him from stream sniping.

  4. In fairness streaming is RT's career and livelihood. Is there anyone we know of taking off a couple of weeks at work to focus on BSL ladder?

  5. That's not a good comparison. The rest of us work day jobs and then qualify for tournaments in the few minutes we have in the evenings around the rest of our lives. If he is struggling to qualify on stream during his office hours then he is free to try to qualify under the same conditions the rest of us do.

  6. Sure, he could try off stream in his non office hours but I also understand if after playing StarCraft all day he doesn't want to play more StarCraft. Maybe it's just not worth it to him. Or maybe he's just not cut out for it and making excuses.

  7. Well, yes, but there's a natural limit to the time that learners can spend on certain activities, which feeds into how time is a key factor.

  8. I can agree that time is an important factor, but I don't agree that it's the big one. That hasn't been my experience. To demonstrate, I don't really see the benefit of telling students "just spend more time with the language" when you could say "get as much real contact as possible". Trust me, students will find a way to not have real contact: studying vocab lists, grammar exercises, writing exercises, listening and reading exercises (with questions), oral exam prep, Duolingo, etc. They may not make it to 14 hours but you'd be surprised how much time they can put into it.

  9. Okay, I wasn't aware that you had teaching experience. I tend to take a more cynical view because I think the whole system gets it dreadfully wrong and the simple truths like input seem to be lost on teachers / students even though the evidence is pretty clear. It's true that teachers know about input nowadays but I still observe that it tends to take a secondary role to other activities / approaches. As I've shared elsewhere in this thread, the resistance to taking the hands off the wheel and just being a passive learner, IMO, is psychological (the same could be said for being a passive teacher). I could be wrong but there is obviously some psychological element to language learning.

  10. Undervalued stocks? Why didn’t we all think of that?!

  11. See some people do have messy relationships no matter who they are with. I have seen it, a pattern in my own experience that people have certain agendas in their minds when they begin their relationship/friendships with you. It's not for purely love's sake. Some people come to you for some motives and when they see that motive could no longer be achieved with you, they leave. Some people are lonely and need you for company but again when they find someone more interesting or get busy in their own things they leave you. Not to mention that some people are sadists, they enjoy being cruel to you or bullying you. So it's rarely for pure friendships sake that people come to you. That used to happen when we were kids in elementary school and when society hadn't corrupted us yet, money, class consciousness hadn't yet poisoned our minds. But friendships as adults is a different ball game altogether and it's purely based on motives in my opinion....

  12. The friend I mentioned in my OP called friendship a serendipity, and I really liked that. It's true that friendships are hard as adults and it's also true that some people have bad intentions, but I wouldn't say it's impossible or purely based on self-interest. I mean, we relate to people we feel good with, so that's self-interest, but in good friendships there's also a mutual compassion and understanding and even some amount of sacrifice.

  13. See if you have a pure mind without guile, you'll find that people aren't really interested in you. As adults, it's more of an accomplice than true friends...

  14. I had a normal hearing test and was also referred to an ENT. My insurance covered it so I went. He did an extended high frequency hearing test (8kHz to 16kHz) and found a big notch from 12kHz to 16kHz. I had years of exposure to loud rock music without protection, I'm talking about 15.

  15. It looks like stocks have reached a permanently high plateau

  16. Yes the big problems may not be economic, they may be personal, or political, it's hard to see where they begin, which are the causes and which are the effects. Politics and economics have been weaponized, and there's essentially a cold civil war going on inside our own government, and among US citizens. It's hard to imagine what a Bretton Woods would even look like in this world, compromise and teamwork are kind of a lost art and it looks like politicians did that to themselves. It was a convenient rhetorical tool at the time, "the war for America" and "the fascist right must be stopped" and the "communist left must be stopped", all that dramatic political nonsense, or used to be nonsense lol. It all looks true now. You know, you define someone as your enemy for long enough, they become your enemy. If you feel threatened, you're liable to become threatening. These things escalate. Economics is just one field among many where those problems manifest, it's hard to say where they originated, or if they're just a natural part of humanity. That's a depressing thought. Maybe we're just not fit for big, complex systems.

  17. We're absolutely facing troubling times right now. I don't consider myself a "doomer" but we're simultaneously facing political, economic, climate, migration and military crises. Humanity has always found a way, and we did make it out of the Great Depression and two world wars. I would say, however, that the notion that we fixed everything and we're headed for eternal peace and prosperity is grossly misplaced and tragically naive.

  18. I just made this, it was delicious, thanks for sharing this dish!

  19. You're welcome, and oh yes, it does do amazing with a little vinegar kick!

  20. This says nothing about Fed policy or Fed opinion, this is just an influential economist who has said the same thing a decade ago:

  21. You're correct that economists have been talking about this for years. What concerns me isn't so much the 4%, but rather that we're moving the goalposts here. 4% means we can keep printing more money and inflating away the debt rather than actually dealing with it.

  22. Why the hell would the government have to «deal» with debt denominated in dollars. It’s a non issue

  23. If investors get a whiff that the US obligations are unsustainable and only being paid thanks to the money printer, they are more likely to pull out. Have you been watching the news? Did you see what happened to the UK gilt market? That's a 101 course about what happens when the government can't pay off its debt.

  24. OP should probably flip it then because it's going to confuse people.

  25. Should probably put his thing down flip it and reverse it

  26. Like all religious beliefs, it came from people making up stories to try to make some sense of their life.

  27. Ah, sorry, didn't want to be a dick. Have a nice day!

  28. No problem at all man, people on Reddit are often dicks and my reply seemed dickish so it's only natural to fire back. You have a good one too. 😎

  29. It's early in the morning and I didn't read the second half of your statement. I'm bitter about idiots who recommended lump sum last year when it made no sense, even though I avoided it because I was smart.

  30. I just a move my zealots and dragoons into mines big brain

  31. Completely agree with everything steelsoldier77 said but also wanted to add that caffeine and sodium intake can also make the perception of tinnitus worse. So it's very possible that if you had a very sodium-heavy meal (possibly because of Thanksgiving) your tinnitus may seem worse.

  32. Thank you for this addition. Not to beat a dead horse, but would you say there's not necessarily any reason to believe that a perceived increase in volume is related to further damage? I mean, obviously if a gun goes off by my ear then maybe I should be worried, but barring that I think most of it is psychological or physiological.

  33. Tinnitus is very much affected by your psychological state. It's very common for tinnitus sufferers to feel like their tinnitus gets worse/more bothersome when they are tired, angry, irritated, etc. For that reason, a lot of tinnitus treatment focuses on calming/soothing. For a lot of people, what I've found works is during these "attacks", try listening to soothing ambient or background noise, such as rainforest, ocean waves or something like that. Resound has a great app called resound tinnitus relief which gives you the option to create your own personalized calming background sound.

  34. Thank you. I have noticed this myself but given that I still have exposure to loud noise (though with protection) sometimes I worry that it's getting worse, but on the other hand I think maybe I'm just overthinking it which makes it appear worse.

  35. We believe the effect of the troubles in the subprime sector on the broader housing market will be limited and we do not expect significant spillovers from the subprime market to the rest of the economy or to the financial system.

  36. Classic, classic! Right up there with the recent "transitory" debacle!

  37. You captured it all in your response. “I feel that I have grown with Adam”… beautifully said.

  38. Wow, thanks for reminding me of this. Glad you liked it.

  39. I'll not die but if I die who care ? Death is love. Death is absolute love. You ser the real potential of yourself. You never saw who you really are. What we really are. We are god. You are me and I'm you 🤣 life is a joke don't play it seriously🤣🥰

  40. If you feel that way I don't think you've taken an honest look at it. Most people don't. Of course it's beautiful, it's an absolute miracle. But it's also very ugly and painful, too.

  41. Shouldn't Australia have plain packaging ie these are illicit?

  42. Well, I mean, just the formation and expansion of BRICS is significant and one step closer for the dollar not to be the world's reserve currency.

  43. There is a mountain of economic historical data to draw inferences from. Trust me, or take an economics class or smth, but we are nowhere near unprecedented times.

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