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  1. That's a pretty interesting thing to find in a bowl. You should keep it as a part of the bowl since it doesn't happen too often. People will be wondering how you did it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. If op had decided to keep it doing like resin over it would be pretty cool as well

  3. Looks like one of those corn on the cob utensils that you stab into the sides to have a handle to hold onto the corn.

  4. I don't know all of the things that cause carbon monoxide in homes, I am also not an electrician, just have a curious mind. I have 2 questions.

  5. The natural gas would have to be combusted to produce carbon monoxide.

  6. That’s what our installer thought too but checked it out and said it was the new metal pieces expanding and contracting with the heat/lack thereof. Makes sense because the noise isn’t during the run time, just temporarily after it’s shut off.

  7. I mean dude, absolutely it will crack and pop but it sounds like a popping sound. This does not this straight up sounds like a fan being slowed to a stop while nicking something with the tips of the blades

  8. I take the 1 week break whenever I start getting breakthrough bleeding. Which is usually every 2-3 months.

  9. Sounds like why the healthcare system sucks. Not your fault but I don’t think health professionals should work long shifts. Fatigue creates error. I personally don’t want a medical error…

  10. I heard once the reasoning behind working longer shifts is so they don't have to swap who is providing care thus less details are missed or less inaccurate care is provided as it is done by one person

  11. I have broken too many of those plastic holster that the phone clips into. If someone can suggest a really durable bag holster for the belt that works great, please share!

  12. I have a pouch that I keep a couple pocket notebooks, multitool, flashlight etc in that will fit my work phone inside of it. I dont use it for my work phone bc I have a separate solution for that but if you dm me I can send you the link to the pouch

  13. Sounds like the compressor. Is your indoor unit reaching its setpoint?

  14. A 29.3 continuous load should be on a 40A breaker (29.3x1.25=36.63A). And no, before the guy asks #12 wire is also not appropriate. Unfortunately you have discovered the difference between building maintenance and an electrician. Some of the worst bodge jobs I have ever seen were when I was involved with the service upgrade at a bunch of the local schools. The things those maintenance men did!

  15. I've had imposter syndrome for 16 years in

  16. If I wanted to try and do this would it be hard for a beginner?

  17. I used to make Mac and cheese pizzas at my first job at a pizza place, they were fuckin bomb. I'm sure these pizzas are actually pretty good tbh

  18. If the time is off from the current time I believe you should be able to spin the clock to manually set it again

  19. Holy shit isnt this the place where a girl fought a wall then fell on the elevator?

  20. If that means what I think it means, we're in big trouble

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