1. *You don't have to want them this way. The popped out middles and crowded sides lead to vastly different textures in the spots touching other rolls or middles exposed to the open heat.

  2. I don’t understand why you got so downvoted for this comment, you didn’t tell OP the way they made their cinnamon rolls was wrong, you just told them that if they wanted them crisper on the outer rings they could make them that way, and how to do it. Jesus Reddit just really likes to dog pile on the downvotes for no reason.

  3. They’re getting roasted on google reviews lol.

  4. Awww she looks like my late cat, Chex. He had fluff for brains.

  5. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb. I hate to say this but it just smells so awful to me. Now, the Nectar one on the other hand… I’d wear that.

  6. The adage boomers use saying millennials can't save money to survive because they buy Starbucks is stupid. But cutting out Starbucks/takeout has given me some extra money for fancy clothes or fragrances if I save up. It's all about budgeting disposable income. Plus there's always waiting for the holidays!

  7. Yeah OP, maybe if you didn’t spend so much money on avocado toast you could buy expensive perfumes!

  8. buy $20 set of clippers and cut your own hair. Problem solved.

  9. Well, she wasn’t wrong 🤷‍♂️

  10. I didn’t say she was wrong. But she is tone deaf.

  11. I thought so too at first, and then a while back I posted it in one of the other plant subreddits and everyone was telling me it’s a gasteria so now I’m calling it a gasteria lol.

  12. Mm that’s weird, maybe if it’s specific type of gasteria? Because I have quite a few types of both and it definitely doesn’t have the growth pattern of any of my gasterias

  13. Really? That’s surprising. I work in a greenhouse and most of the gasterias I order have this growth pattern haha

  14. There's one with 'Bronze' in the name that's lighter, but that could also be a lighting/growing issue; some plants will drop their non-green colors if they're not getting enough light.

  15. Ooo this is a good point, thank you. I think I’m going to go ahead and buy it and give it extra light and see what happens.

  16. I had a golden retriever who had bad skin and ear issues. The vet said it was likely due to the corn. We changed her to a non corn food and everything cleared up.

  17. Idk why you’re getting downvoted for your experience with corn, it’s a real thing that happens. I went through the same thing with my German shepherd.

  18. I suspect being this weight and so miserable all the time takes its toll on a persons ability to act like a decent person and treat others well. Hopefully she succeeds just so that she can feel better and be able to reflect on her treatment of those around her and properly apologize and feel remorse about it.

  19. Not if it's a personality thing. She seems very self victimized and (emotionally) lazy. The lack of empathy is also a personality issue. Losing weight can't change that.

  20. I mean, being THAT huge and miserable can totally alter someone’s personality though. As an example, my friend’s mom (who was like my 2nd mom growing up) used to be the NICEST lady. So freaking kind, a joy to be around. For the last 12 years she has consistently gained weight to the point where she is now immobile and she is not the same person anymore. She’s very demanding, and quick to anger, and even just straight up mean sometimes. I know the old her is still in there somewhere, it’s just buried under what I’m guessing is a whole bunch of shame and frustration. It really sucks seeing her this way, and I hope she can get herself turned around.

  21. About 10 years ago I got my machine... I had so much anxiety and felt like I had ruined my life because I was overweight and now I need this machine that I'm going to need for the rest of my life. I was a 30 year old man crying myself to sleep.

  22. Hey thank you, this was honestly really comforting.

  23. Mad city sue on Etsy does lush dupes. Perfume and lotion and whipped soap and scrubs

  24. Did you mean to say Sue, or was it supposed to be soap? Asking because when I searched it, Mad City Soap was what came up haha.

  25. No worries, thanks for the suggestion! I’m buying some right now haha.

  26. It looks like a dried out corn cob.

  27. He mentioned that he likes listening to ICP. He wasn’t spraying faygo everywhere or doing anything weird. Matter of fact he was a RN and was very put together and nice. But I just couldn’t get passed that one thing lol.

  28. I also have a piece of whatever the massage bar was that was Jasmine that they discontinued. Can’t remember what it’s called haha.

  29. I have a container of Rump. I’m not sure when it expired, but I’ve had it for over 5 years. So far it’s still smelling and working great lol.

  30. I really feel like this is a true candy cane scent. Its the vanilla that tips it over the edge and makes this a winner. I hope it comes back next year

  31. I’m pretty sure it’s a year round item!

  32. It's my fav, I remember when I first went into Lush and asked the worker for anything peppermint and he showed me this and I fell in love. I wish Lush did more mint, spearmint, and menthol smells.

  33. Me too, I’m loving the way my skin smells after using MC. If they sold this as a body spray or perfume I’d buy it.

  34. It sounds like you either need to make some new, better friends, or you might need to take a look at yourself and determine whether or not you are the problem.

  35. Thanks for the advice, really appreciate it. Tbh.. I’ve been experiencing this for years but yesterday something happened with my cousin (the one I care for the most and since I got no siblings she’s the only sister I’ve ever had.. ) , she cares for me , or at least shows so , yesterday I came to a realization that she rarely tries to create any memories with me.. like I would doubt if she’s got a single pic of us together. She also made a 2022 recap vid with not a single pic or vid of me.. , hurts tbh.. when you care so much for someone and they just act like it won’t matter if they ain’t creating anything that’d make them think of you..

  36. I’ve been there before, and know it sucks. I hope things get better! And again I truly was not trying to be rude in my comment, I was just in a situation once upon a time where I was experiencing the same things and it turns out no one wanted to make memories or hang out with me because, as it turns out, I was kind of an asshole to be around. I didn’t mean to be, and had no idea that’s how I was coming across. Felt real shitty about it but once I was aware and able to fix it, things changed for the better!

  37. Hard candy like werthers origanals, mint humbugs, rhubarb and custards, pear drops hard fruity sweets, cola drops

  38. Thank you for the explanation, I was sitting here like an idiot wondering how someone boils like, a donut or a cookie or something without ruining it haha

  39. If it’s consistent, that is usually a sign that it’s hungry. When’s the last time you fertilized?

  40. I fertilize during the summer and leave it alone during winter since they don’t grow much because it’s always cloudy and the days are so short.

  41. You’re fine! your plant may be sucking the nutrients from those older leaves for the newer ones. I use liqui-dirt to keep my babies happy. It’s abit pricey but well worth it.

  42. I’ve heard good things about liqui-dirt, I’m gonna have to try it! I usually use half strength Espoma but I’m always down to try something different.

  43. If this is broken heart bath bomb, the same thing happened to me and I just sprayed some Tilex shower cleaner on it, let it sit for a minute or two and then wiped it right off.

  44. This is petty and stupid. Use your words and talk it out or just break up.

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