1. always hated how he treated mike, especially after the respect he gave Ali. makes no sense

  2. Ali is a smart man and a genius fighter who knows boundaries and restraint. Mike Is a fucking animal who rapes, maims, and throws a fit if things don’t go his way. He’s basically if yujiro was a weakling. I personally don’t think there’s enough DISRESPECT on him

  3. Mike Tyson is objectively one of if not the greatest boxer to ever enter the heavyweight division. In his prime he was the Yujiro of our world.

  4. Fuck no. He was a good boxer but not the “yujiro of our world” he was a good fighter but it was his fame that let him take whatever he wanted not him being immensely powerful.

  5. Arnold but only as one of his movie roles. Ronnie, as himself. Dorian Yates who brings a different kind of back that challenges the Hanma bloodline

  6. There’s kind of already a Dorian Yates Baki adaptation in the form of Dorian.

  7. Ok I'll just call up my 2 billilionaire buddies and ask them to pour millions into my promotion until it turns a profit

  8. That’s the spirit! I meant more as a parasite on the fighters pretending to do more for them than you actually do but I’m glad you got the entrepreneurial mindset

  9. On a similar note I recall bob threatening a troll saying he would “rip off your arm and beat ya to death with it” but I’m not sure if it’s real or not

  10. This usually happens when your stance is imperfect. You really wanna be “sitting down” on your punches and a strong core doesn’t hurt

  11. That Jack would have been a much better MC than Baki actually Baki is pretty much the worst pick from the entire cast to be the MC

  12. that’s fair but it would’ve been boring, you lose the fun of him because his “this man is on a timer” kinda goes away, sure you can say he’ll die in six months but his sheer brutality isn’t scary anymore because we’ll he shows up too much

  13. Idk man seeing some of his more vulnerable moments and learning more about his philosophy on fighting and what it means to be a human would be pretty cool

  14. I miss this yuujiro design he was legit handsome but still absolutely terrifying

  15. Lil bro is mid training arc, you don’t see it but this is just a 3 sec clip in the montage.

  16. Wood if there’s a really good seal on it so it warms/cools the water to always be the perfect temperature

  17. You kind of can’t. Or at least you can’t train specifically for kickboxing past just shadow boxing. But the good news is you can totally endurance train! Run, jump rope, swim, weights, all of that

  18. Low a class he just can’t stand up with the likes of tatsumaki genos to tank top master. It would be a very rapey naked oily fight between him and puri puri prisoner tho

  19. True but Trump has that Black Air Force energy about him.

  20. I think Khaltmaagiin Battulga would have something to say about that. Ex president of Mongolia. Looks like he's won gold at the sambo world championships and 2 silvers and is only 59.

  21. Combat sports and martial arts will assist you in your mental health but for someone with an actual condition (depression, BPD, anxiety) it will only do so much. It’s important to talk to someone and get an understanding of yourself. Otherwise you end up like gypsy crusader

  22. It’s a video game so I don’t suggest playing too much of it you will naturally get better as you play

  23. The gyms fault no clue about the legal aspect. It sounds like a very toxic and not constructive environment to train in

  24. I have weak shins and get shin splints pretty bad so I was avoiding muay thai lol

  25. Not really. Moll congratulates you and sends you on your way. Depending on how you did it the ninjas should take rebirth and bad teeth

  26. Blister hill* not bad teeth. Check world states on the wiki for details. Don't want to spoil too much.

  27. He won't be taken seriously because all the law takes seriously nowadays is heterosexual rape cases. 🤦(Don't

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