1. I've tried so many ways to die and never go through fully with it, sh all the time but never even go deep enough

  2. So cute, 930px is original resolution?

  3. I've never attempted to shiny hunt but my first encounter with a shiny scared me 🤣 I was like 7 years old, got my DS lite and pikemon platinum, played for 400 hours and one day when I was playing, all my pokemon were dying cuz they poisoned ,I was rushing to the pokemon center, it was raining in the game and I was so scared my pokemons won't make it lol And then I stepped on a grass and it was a purple quagsire and I'm like... what's this? New pokemon? I was dumb and didn't know shiny pokemon even existed lol but im glad I caught it!!

  4. Idk y but using "Minorities" doesn't sound so great :<

  5. My guild: rank 42 ! I didn't contribute much I had nothing 🤧☠️

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