1. It is probably because being in love/romantic attraction releases high levels of dopamine (and also oxytocin. norepinepbrine, and others) which causes the euphoria which likely mimics mania for you. Not to say it’s all biological, but it makes sense to me why it could feel like mania.

  2. Cmon….we have much more to go. I’m not going without you. …………Cmon….Get up ❤️‍🩹🙏🎈🫶

  3. There’s nothing left for me there but false hope, yearning, and unfulfilled wishes. I’ll get up, but only to move forward, onward through the fog!

  4. No matter the outcome …………That’s all we can ever do… try our best every day………..We’re blessed…..we have life…….One day we will look back and be able to see why we never gave up. Just have to believe 🙏

  5. I’ve been learning that the best way to move forward is to stop looking back. I aspire to create a life where I no longer feel the need to look back.

  6. I start troches next week. My doctor is very optimistic that they will help me. I’ve had three people in this sub give me very positive experiences, one woman said it was life-changing for her (though I believe she said she got the iv if I remember correctly. That’s out of my price range, but I’m really excited to start. My doctor did say that it can induce mania in some bipolar patients but if you’re on a stabilizer it’s fine to take it. I plan on posting the results in this sub when I’m done. The doctor also told me that with all of the patients he’s treated those with bipolar were some of the most responsive to treatment for depression symptoms.

  7. Give the person a chance to get to know you and to see you as who you are and not as what they imagine bipolar to be. Everyone has their own perceptions about things (that may not even necessarily be true or accurate as it is a spectrum disorder and different for so many). Build the connection first and then If you see it going anywhere, then disclose.

  8. You will continue to suffer until you leave and go no contact. Unlearning codependency is very hard to practice while staying with the Narc because it amps up their negative behaviors (I think this stems from them losing control as you can gain confidence and clarity in yourself and your decisions. They may also try to flip the switch and go into opposite mode as they learn that you’re not responding to negative Narc behavior and this is even more dangerous because this is what makes you stay believing that they have finally changed and will just force you into another cycle and prolong everything. This may not be true for every Narc but it is my experience. It’s totally possible that you are trauma bonded and that drives the fear of leaving. Check out the Narcissistic Abuse sub, very very helpful.

  9. Oof same. I didn't, but the hair was sectioned and the scissors were out. Luckily, I got distracted. Because this would've been the end result.

  10. I ended up dying my hair instead. Appeased the mental health gods but not as permanent. A win in my book.

  11. I just assume this person is committed to misunderstanding me and don’t even bother responding.

  12. I’d hold off for a little while. Obviously you don’t want to keep it a secret too long so he can make that choice whether he’s down for the ride or not, but I’ve always been forthcoming from the beginning and it’s always bit me in my ass.

  13. My top song was 30 by Badflower 🤪 I did go through a little moment there when I listened to it on repeat. Artist was Jonathan Roy. Love his music

  14. You have a beautiful soul & loving heart.. Never let anyone blunt your sword sharpened by love & compassion ♥

  15. Thank you for the kind words <3 I hope you are taking care of you too.

  16. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Many years back, I moved away from all of my family and friends and it was very, very hard for me to adjust for a long time. I didn’t feel normal until I made some local friends. I would suggest maybe volunteering or going to meet and greets/meetups to find some locals. I know how lonely and isolating it can feel. Hang in there.

  17. I know how this feels. I’ve been isolating and I feel like a shit friend but really I decided that I’m going to do what’s best for me and if that’s keeping a low profile then so be it. It doesn’t make me an asshole. It’s self-preservation. I have always went out of the way for friends my entire life and now I’m focusing on me and I shouldn’t feel guilty for that and you shouldn’t feel like an asshole for feeling how you feel.

  18. I haven’t experienced them in a long time but it was never direct words other than hearing my name. It was mostly hearing a radio playing and chatter of people talking, but not being able to make out what they’re actually saying.

  19. I feel ya. I’m tired of the rollercoaster. I want off this ride.

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