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  1. good on him to disregard what his body is worth to Hollywood in order to try to save his nephew.

  2. Doesn't sound like the nephew was in danger, vehicles were gonna get damaged. Sounds like poor decision making rather than heroic saving. Of course in the heat of the moment many people make bad decisions - this isn't to suggest anything bad about him. I might think I could jump into a moving cat too, and would likely face the same outcome.

  3. Yeah, but it's all about intent though, you know? The whole story seems kind of goofy but if he was or thought he was trying to save his nephew and was hurt in the process that's still a solid dude.

  4. You having trouble understanding the article? She wrote an autobiography. You don't usually do that until you've been around a few years. Sort of how it works.

  5. I think he's speaking to the motive of releasing this information is money and not necessarily trauma based recovery but nobody in here intimately knows either of these people so it's just a bunch of idiots speculating about a claim.

  6. Opiate use, drug use, is a symptom of trauma. Rather than beat yourself up now over some stuff you are probably poorly informed about in general. Perhaps take some time to ask yourself some important questions like: What is addiction? How do people stop? What is causing my drug use?

  7. Yeah he might have won in terms of face, but your life > your pride. too many crazies out there it's not worth it. she was right to try to not engage the crazy guy any further.

  8. I'm not trying to go full Mark Wahlberg and I do value my life but I would have no problem or fear of assaulting this other individual once I feel like he's made me unsafe with his behavior. Everybody is saying safety in being passive or evasion but were not inside a car where I can drive away. I'm more of the Bush Doctrine on an individual who I fear might start harming people around me. I have people who I love in this restaurant more than likely if I'm attending it and after I see this guy repeatedly try to escalate I firmly believe he should be subdued until police can arrive and investigate mine and his actions.

  9. [And then he pulls a gun on you and you're dead.] (

  10. I know it's like the next day, but 'what if' that happens and I did nothing about it in the first place while I had a chance to subdue somebody who is clearly unstable? Since were just making up situations which aren't this one and doing what-ifs. Had this occurred on a plane; people would be in here celebrating a picture of this man duct taped to a chair and calling anyone who intervened a hero. Yes, people on a plane have been screened for weapons, but the TSA are not very good at their job screening people (I, too, can provide links of their success rate at the TSA if you would like) and it doesn't take a firearm to cause a fatal injury, firearms are just good at it.

  11. it's that last part that is a real problem

  12. Because the parents raising their kids were shit at it and expected the underfunded schools to be parents, babysitters and teachers.

  13. good we've sent them billions if not trillions in aid. also we're strategic allies especially in tech and cyber. I would hope they cave to pressure for help.

  14. I've seen them try to maintain and use a stolen US helicopter. I wouldn't be going on their fair rides.

  15. Unfortunately if u take all possibilities...

  16. Good luck even finding a unique cryptic axe. The thing almost never drops let alone eth. Then you gotta roll several stats right.

  17. free speech ends when harm is involved. you should look further into the case.

  18. yikes check his post history. guy is lost

  19. How fast does the MANPADS have to be to be able to catch up to and intercept a cruise missile already in flight? That's nuts.

  20. Most cruise missiles fly close to 600 mph iirc

  21. He's so damn tough he doesn't need a helmet

  22. A cat in a hat is purrposterous

  23. It's more of a demonstration of capability. The only other underwater pipeline, I think is the TurkStream that runs under the Black Sea, but the Soyuz and Namal pipelines could also theoretically "suffer an accident" during the dead of winter. Russia clearly wants to communicate they have the capacity and intent to hurt European energy imports as much as possible.

  24. ya we can fuck up russias pipelines too.

  25. ya, we don't care. get back to me if you find out who ordered the suicide of epstein.

  26. I feel dumber after reading this.


  28. Not getting a free billion dollars seems fairly normal to me.

  29. I know there is a lot of people living off grid that desperately need this so their kids can go to school online.

  30. Yea, like the little gasket that needs to be replaced like every 8 months? Figured that things would start breaking down around now.

  31. shh. don't tell them about the little gasket

  32. That's our "justice system"

  33. The amount of people in the other thread saying 'some people can't be allowed in society' without realizing that there is no rehabilitation in prison. If anything prison just makes people more violent and better at crime. Who knows if this event would have taken place if someone had intervened in these kids lives in a positive way?

  34. I mean after 50 priors. I think rehabilitation kinda goes out the window

  35. You're missing the point. He never had any rehabilitation after the first set of charges or during any incarcerations. I'm not advocating for this individual just pointing out that the system is flawed and if we want different results maybe we should re-evaluate the justice part of the justice system.

  36. To be fair, if the Ukraine war has taught us anything, it's that any drone can be a military drone.

  37. Ya the switchblade is small and will kill you and other munitions' use these small drones as guidance for a ground to ground rocket.

  38. ask your employer what happened to the guy who was previously in your position.

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