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  1. I listened to a podcast recently, and pardon for not remembering which country they said is doing this, but doctors cannot prescribe anti depressants immediately… the first requirement is the person basically gets a gym membership and workout schedule. Results show working out was far more effective than medication.

  2. I’m in the U.S. (one of the only countries that allows commercials to promote and sell you pharmaceuticals). I was seeing a psychiatrist about my anxiety and depression and he told me “You know in Europe, a person in my position would prescribe you exercise before ever giving you a drug.” It was really eye opening.

  3. I dont know how old you are but I can tell you when I was a teenager (before I started on any anti anxiety medication) this fear (along with others) literally consumed my life. I wont go into details as i dont want to trigger you more but my god you name it and it triggered me into a downward spiral. Whatever the current worry was would always burn itself out after a few weeks but something else would come along.

  4. If you don’t mind me asking, what meds personally helped you best?

  5. “Don’t be so afraid of dying that you’re unable to live.” A quote a heard somewhere that has helped me tremendously.

  6. I need to write that one down. Thank you! There was an earthquake this morning at 2am where I live and it sent me into a panic that I just can’t seem to shake. I needed to hear that quote.

  7. Those mentioning using oats. Just wanted to share the recipe I make for my kiddos. They LOVE them! Sometimes I’ll also add some blueberries or cut up strawberries in too.

  8. A bigot is a bigot. Horrible. Especially the fact that she works with children. But then again, that’s what the government wants. People fighting each other instead of the corrupt system.

  9. I’m curious about this because I started taking it about 6 days ago for anxiety. I take about twice the recommended does (so about 500-600mg) and have been terrified to stop and get rebound from what I’ve read on here (which I assume is worse anxiety and depression?)

  10. What are you doing now to avoid this in the future?

  11. I’m on blood thinners. Sucks. Hoping I don’t have to be on them for life.

  12. What are some side effects of blood thinners? I recently had a stroke and I'm wondering what to look out for. It was a TIA luckily and it left no long term repercussions.

  13. Sorry you had that scare! Glad you’re ok. I think it depends on what blood thinner you’re on. I’ve been on a couple different ones. I’m currently on Pradaxa and luckily haven’t had bad side affects. Only thing that I have to watch out for is hurting or cutting myself. First off, it bleeds so much and then takes forever to heal. I got a paper cut the other day and you’d be surprised how much I bled. I’m not sure the long term affects. Kind of scared to know. Do they know what caused your stroke? That can be a factor in how long you have to take blood thinners.

  14. Graffiti in my neighborhood is gang related and puts our community at risk, so no…fuck graffiti. I’m sure the “based as fucked” kids still live a privileged life under their parents roofs and haven’t had their houses tagged. It sucks.

  15. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. It’s so hard. You say you used to be so calm. What do you think triggered your anxiety?

  16. The US made a concerted effort across like forty years of media to burn into our minds the stereotype of tiny, effeminate Asian men with small penises. Stereotypes that aren’t true, I should point out just so everyone knows which side I’m on here lol

  17. What was the agenda/reason the US did this? Most of the serious and violent Asian hate I’ve seen has come from black men. I’ve never understood why? I mean I don’t understand any racism.

  18. Yep Asian men have been portrayed as "little-dicked nerds" while Asian women are stereotyped as being submissive white-lovers.

  19. I could be wrong, but wasn’t the attacker claiming to be Asian himself? Saying he was Filipino?

  20. Nad, but look into possible “ Interstitial cystitis.” Also, Kratom might be causing it too. I take it too (though also quitting) and have similar issues. Try and drink a ton of water, it helps.

  21. Mushrooms show a lot of promise for just those exact issues. Lots of awesome university studies going on right now centering around various issues like anxiety, PTSD, etc.

  22. Wow. I didn’t know that. I know there’s lots of studies and therapist that will use mdma for healing therapy as well as for end of life family therapy.

  23. I hate these people. I wish we could quantify the collective damage they have caused to young girls and women.

  24. Seriously! So we’ll said! I just watched the documentary on Netflix called “Liberated.” Fucking depressing, but insightful. It talks about how pop culture has just turned females into sex objects for men. I know that’s nothing new, but with Gen Z and it’s rape culture mixed into it, it’s just so utterly out of hand. It’s a frightening wake up call.

  25. The pay is really not the main issue IMO.

  26. What do you think were the differences in the schools that caused ones to be like prisons vs. the ones that were safe and had respectable kids? I would assume it would be the amount of money the households in the area had? I live between a very wealthy city to my left and one that’s lower class to my right. There are way more problems in the lower class schools. Did you notice the same?

  27. It’s not the ring light itself. It’s the position of the light. If you look close in both photos you can see the ring light in her eyes. One is just horrible “up lighting” from below and to one side cause unflattering shadows. The other is placed up and in front of her face.

  28. I’ve dealt with plenty of patients going through DT’s/WD’s. I have a soft spot for them… even if they’re absolutely unbearable to talk to and non compliant with my evaluation- I’m always straight up with them. Usually we pass them off to the medics, but normally, if you can establish a connection with them, they are much more tolerable.

  29. You’re amazing. I bet that guy you helped thinks of you often. When I was younger, I tried to take my life. Had to get my stomach pumped in the ER from all the pills I took that day. There was a male nurse, very young adult , around my age at the time. He was the only one that really showed care and compassion. Held my hand the entire time as puke was spilling all over his hand. 20 years later and I still think of him all the time and get teary eyed. I so wish I could find him and thank him.

  30. Oh my god, I know this is an old post, but it’s absolutely brilliant. I had never really thought of it that way. I’m gonna save this an read it whenever I feel like giving in. Thank you for that.

  31. As someone who’s tried it a dozen times … it won’t work. You’ll start again- probably be fine moderating for a couple days - a week or two in I imagine you’ll be back to your 8 - 12. When I first quit I was to the point where I could feel it affecting my health. The liver is a beautiful thing, give it a couple months and it heals - so my alcoholic brain was like maybe we can drink like a normal person now…. Worked for three days then I was right back to 8 - 15 a night … quitting the second time sucked worse, the third even worse …

  32. 20 mins a day at least of cardio - for me that's on a spin bike in my basement at low resistance (not like, the easiest because I do need to get my heart rate up and sweat a little). I have a sticky note on the screen that say, 'You hate this but you will sleep if you do it.'

  33. My buddy Dirk was from SB...used to hit up parties out there all the time. But I spent most of my time in Hollywood and the SFV.

  34. Hey we’re close! Nice to see another South Bay gal! I grew up in Torrance, but have lived in Pedro the past 20 years. My kiddos dad has a newish bar/venue here called The Sardine. Watt is there all the time as is a bunch of older local punks from sst. You should stop by sometime!

  35. This is dehumanizing of a person because this individual can't see past their different appearance. Not seeing someone the same as any other person because they are a little person, is messed up. Also, whether it be "midget" wrestling or any wrestling of any sort, any "fan" whom crosses the line to that extent at a wrestling event is asking to be beat the fuck up.

  36. Thank you for being a good human. If I had an award I’d give it to you.

  37. Yeah, that’s the worst. I’d much x1,000,000 rather fall off a cliff than get trapped in a tight cave.

  38. That’s so sad. How did he die within 12 hours. Was it because he was upside down that made his death faster? I would have thought it would be days. Thank goodness it wasn’t.

  39. Honestly the most truest punk people I grew up with didn’t “look” punk. The ones with Mohawks were usually the poseurs that changed from goth to punk to ska and so on each year, it was just fashion to them. This was in the late 90’s but I’m sure still stands a bit today. What year was this photo?

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