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  1. Thats funny. I wonder what their equivalent was to a dream symbolising they feel out of control. Like ‘my bread was finished baking but no one would let me take it out of the oven yet.’ Or people from 40k years ago had dreams about trying to keep a fire going but no one would let them do it went out 😭

  2. Oh no today is the hunter exam and I've been going to the gatherer class all year!

  3. My thoughts went straight to Midsommar. The friendly killer cult aspect was so jarring I couldn't get it out of my head for weeks

  4. Just quit this more than halfway through. The parts in the castle are great but as soon as the setting moves to England it becomes a Victorian snorefest

  5. Feel like they missed a huge opportunity not setting the story during the Mongol invasion when the real life historical assassins of alamut went against the Mongols and Baghdad got sacked. Destruction of alamut and Baghdad would've been such an insane Climax to the story.

  6. lol I'm about to go in for try number 3 (32 hours in). I hate. Hate. Hate this game.

  7. Replaying Empire: Total War with the Darth Mod on. Last time only played as the Maratha Confederacy and this time playing as Prussia. It's infuriating on very hard difficulty how powerful the other great nations are. I'm like 60 turns in and only have 3 regions (veteran player but really, it's hard)

  8. As someone who has been experiencing TV propaganda and never realised it until I left the country, always thinking it wouldn't affect me, I was so wrong. I very much believed the only problem with my country was politicians doing nothing. They did thungs, oh they did, but just not thungs to improve the economy, but rather PR stunts to improve their rating, until they have enough power to take control of elections, the media, judicial power etc.

  9. Leaving the country is legit the best way to see through the looking glass. As soon as you're somewhere else and start noticing the fallacies it becomes wayyy easier to turn around and notice the exact same thing in your home.

  10. Car accident. Got me thinking about all the things that lead me to that one place at that one time, how close I came to dying, and what my life would've been like if it hadn't happened. (wasn't my fault, btw)

  11. Glee was a show that should’ve ended after they went to nationals

  12. The final episode is depressing. Not tonally, just with the fact that it was over way too soon and scrambling to wrap things up (without wrapping anything up). It's pretty much a "sorry" to the fans for being canceled

  13. Crazy every morning equipping shit like an rpg character and unequipping at night. Don't even get me started when a backpack is involved. My co-teacher once asked me what's in my bag and I started pulling stuff out... She was like "why do you need extra socks?" uhhh because I needed it once and didn't have it

  14. Just beat it three days ago. The journey is definitely better than the destination

  15. Had a friend from work who's coworker was wearing a shirt of chainmail under a work shirt one night when the place he was working at got robbed. He thought the guys punched him in the back before bolting from the store. When the cops showed up they were very conserned if he was ok. Turns out the robber tried to stab him in the back and the knife got caught in the rings on the shirt.

  16. We were doing a patrol to contact in Iraq 2011. I was the Gunner in the turret on the third vehicle of 9. One platoon was already walking around this village we stopped at. About 40 yards away at the corner of this building. Out steps this guy. Blue pants and a white shirt. I’ll never forget it. He had a RPG and he aimed it right at me. I mean. Right dead center. Mind you this took maybe 3 seconds. And even as times ticked by. I could see his hands as he was about to squeeze. He just started dancing. The first two gun trucks lit him up. He let off the RPG and in the movies they show a white smoke trail. That’s bullshit. I watched it haul ass right towards me and skip over the hood the truck and blow up like 40 feet in the air. But he just danced….

  17. So we're building a big boat to leave here for good

  18. The KFC twister. Best chicken tender wrap I've ever had from a fast food chain

  19. Yesss rain was the bomb. Been chasing that agave flavor ever since. Thankfully there's always tequila

  20. Currently 58 hours into AC Odyssey and I couldn't agree more. Side quests and undiscovered areas trigger my OCD but if I do them all I easily won't finish this game without 250+ hours sunk into it at least, and the content just isn't there to keep me interested doing the same tiny bandit camps over and over unless I can just nuke them as I ride by on my horse.

  21. I respectfully disagree. My reddit name is based on one of my favorite games ever: Populous: The Beginning. I have beaten this game five times,and I look forward to my upcoming urge to beat it again. Other classic games I love, I have beaten multiple times. I can quote Deus Ex and Max Payne. I can dread the next time I slog through Myth:The Fallen Lords. Even bugged games like Caesar 3, I look forward to a time where I'm patient and so well versed in this game's flaws that I can complete the whole story the way I did with Children of the Nile. For me, the backlogs that really matter are the games that are so fun to play that I'm willing to suffer through hours of absolute nothing to prove the time spent is greater than the time wasted.

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