Post Game Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (12-4) at Kansas City Chiefs (14-3)

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  1. So long as it's all in good fun, I hope all the Bengals fans who bought Superbowl tickets get their refunds

  2. Lol like any of us could afford that shit before our team even clinched. This ain't SF.

  3. If you watch the replay Mahomes tripped. If they didn't tangle legs he would not have gone down so hard and there likely wouldn't have been a flag. But like PI and holding if your hands are in a bad spot you risk getting a call if it looks like a penalty even if you don't commit it.

  4. This is also the first year they’re kind of free with the cap , first year was defense, last year was OL(they all just got hurt), now it’s strictly overall improvement, gonna be good to see

  5. Need Burrow to have a healthy off-season, hopefully keep our coordinators, patch up a few weak spots and losses to free agency and hit the ground running next year.

  6. Not sure how #1 seed, 14-3 and sweeping their division wasn’t dominant.

  7. I guess by dominant I mean "the best team with a lot of separation from the 2nd best teams." The Eagles with healthy Hurts were dominant in the NFC this year. The Chiefs put together the best season but it was close. One score playoff games to get to super bowl and a lot of close games against weak teams to eek out the 1 seed.

  8. In Invincible however, the characters are a reflection of the Actors in some aspect. Like Rex has been racebent to look like Jason Mantzoukas etc.

  9. They have been but it doesn't mean it needs to be a strict rule. Being inflexible about this makes for some counterproductive logical outcomes.

  10. Well you're obviously lying because Space Elder Britta is a thing that happened.

  11. That superbowl was not memorable for some reason. I watched it, and don't remember anything from that game at all.

  12. Because it wasn't good and the two big plays in the 2nd half were married by bad reffing.

  13. I think it was way less egregious than it looked even. Mahomes actually tripped when their legs tangled up, had he not fallen from that I don't think Ossai gave much if any actual push with his hand and their may not have been a penalty. But it's like holding and PI where if your hands are ina bad spot and a guy goes down you're gonna get called no matter what.

  14. Mahomes is the most chill and level-headed QB in the league and they just beat a rival that has barely beaten them over and over and talked mad shit about it the whole time.

  15. You are literally doing the same thing just directed the other way. Everyone always says their team and players are the coolest and the other teams are just jelly meanie poopiepants who said I have a fat butt.

  16. Find me any evidence of Mahomes talking shit on any other team. Dude is so respectful its almost boring lol. Meanwhile the Bengals were talking shit every chance they had. Just own it man.

  17. Where did Burrow talk shit on other teams? The QBs rarely do. But other Chiefs do and did with the Bengals and other teams. Just like every team does. Then a bunch of fans run to their fainting couches.

  18. How did they f*ck up? The fact that the players and coaches didn't see him waving a stop play signal, or the crowd was too loud that the players and coaches couldn't hear?

  19. They gave the Chiefs a redo. The problem isn't that the Chiefs got the redo (it's the rule since an official called the play dead) or that nobody saw or heard the ref, it's that a play had to be undone because of an officials error.

  20. Ok, the chiefs would be pissed. But as long as the right call is made, you move on.

  21. The wrong call here was screwing up the clock. This caused the Bengals to lose a 3rd down stop that was not effected by the clock. That's the problem. The refs making the "right call" by redoing the play does not undo the fact they made the wrong call by screwing up the clock.

  22. Face it, talk about it. If you don't have someone at home talk about it with people here. Feels a lot better just to share your thoughts & feelings.

  23. Yeah this Bengals loss is on Joe Burrow. Its easy for them to blame refs, but refs didnt make him throw 2 picks and finish with 70.2 passer rating. He was outplayed by Mahomes, his teammates did all they could've to keep this game close/tied until the last minute.

  24. I thought he was solid today... I think he maybe had one unnecessary sack and f'd up on the intentional grounding. Those are the only mistakes I recall. Everything else was good.

  25. I’m sorry, but that was not intentional grounding. Perine was very much in the vicinity.

  26. Probably not but it was close enough to draw a flag, however errant. Like Ossai's late hit was light as shit and he just got tripped up with Mahomes, but he touched him and that's gonna get called every time in Mahomes.

  27. I dislike the art style which I attribute partially to budget.

  28. Ossai had a critical sack of Mahomes in the 4th quarter of their regular season game this year.

  29. Lol exactly! Anybody saying this wasn’t an egregious turn of events is kidding themselves. Fortunately it made no difference in the end result. But if we made the 1st and then they called the play back, I’d be livid!

  30. It did make a difference because it cost field position and that string of possessions ended in a game winning field goal.

  31. Maybe. But that doesn't make it okay. Like "guys don't worry it's okay you lost your play for a reason, and that reason is we fucked up the clock."

  32. Not okay but also didn’t effect the result. They punted that possession anyway.

  33. It did because it ended up costing field position on a string of possessions that ended with the game winning field goal.

  34. Not challenging that bad spot on first down probably cost us 4 points.

  35. No chance he plays a black character

  36. I guess? I think it's nice that having actors play matching backgrounds allows for more diverse casts as well but I don't see why it has to be a hard and fast rule. Wouldn't that mean that a black voice actor can't voice a white character? Seems limiting. Don't want to start a debate though just thought he would capture the sinister nature of Angstrom Levy well ofc based on how awesome he was in the Walking Dead.

  37. If I had to bet on it and someone asked Kirkman or Walker they would say this was not directed at Robot at the time. The payoff didn't happen for like a decade and they wouldn't have known the comic would last long at all as their previous comics were all relative failures.

  38. I don't get why his teams struggles with the Bengals, why does he not simply eat them?

  39. Call Aftab let him know you got another zinger.

  40. How do you spell a pronunciation? There is no correct way. You could use the IPA if you want to be pedantic.

  41. But immortal did go crazy. Or did he?

  42. Michelle Yeoh as Debbie. Charles Dance as Cecil. Jim Carey as machine Head.

  43. I always imagined Carla Gugino as Debbie I think as some vague association in my head with Spy Kids which was somewhat popular in the aughts.

  44. Slight spoiler if you aren't this far along and are oblivious to where their relationship is going, but first thing I thought of was

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