1. I use plain old calico as interfacing all the time. Silk organza is another great option.

  2. Do you have a trick for getting silk organza crisp again after washing it?

  3. Not really, other than starching that section of the garment.

  4. You'll be able to tell when it is really necessary. I have a fantastic washing machine so I waited for the peanut butter consistency. Trust me you'll know!

  5. It was a labor policy that caused a significant increase in those with disability being denied the DSP, and the LNP extended it further with some things. Labor has the power to fix it and has so far not shown me any sign of wanting to do so, so I'm going to assume it's staying. Labor and the LNP need to answer for their harm to the disabled and poor in this country. But instead, we get tax cuts.

  6. Labour also pushed thousands of single parents onto Newstart. It was Gillard.

  7. What’s makes this so illegal and what is the benefit for the REA in risking this?

  8. It's just not legal to make a condition of a contract that you must buy products or services from some other unrelated business.

  9. Check out the tessuti line of patterns, they use a lot of mature models and being Australian there are a lot of summer dresses!

  10. Intentionally got sunburnt to 'dry out pimples' 👍

  11. Yes, my sister and her husband used it to buy 2 new cars, and a couple friends I know used it for boob jobs. All of these people did not have high supers as it was. Terrible money management.

  12. This story will be on in about 15 hours haha

  13. Don't you know?? Every ready to wear and couture garment ever HAS to have a pattern available (free) on the internet! How else could the designer have made it in the first place?

  14. I'm still laughing at the post about the Oscar de la Renta spiderweb gown which was literally hand woven by elite artisans.

  15. These patterns didn’t come with fabric suggestions! What would you use for

  16. Linen/cotton or linen/rayon blends would work really nicely. Dress one would even look great in a lightweight wool!

  17. Carefully check the ingredient lists of the products which do this and you might notice some common ones. Or post the lists here and we can help!

  18. A small amount of bleach won't make the colour fade if you don't leave it too long

  19. Yep. The concentrations and timeframe used for a bleach sanitize soak should be just fine.

  20. I've been wondering about gowns! Most people seem to recommend zip sleepers but it seems like gowns would be easier for diaper changes.

  21. I just want it on the record that not everyone loves zip for newborns. If you have a super wriggly bub you can't get the zip up before they wriggle their little leg out! I found snaps much easier, and they last longer.

  22. We use Grovia Hybrids, with a booster pad.

  23. I think you're misrepresenting SA's data here. In 2020, chromosomal abnormalities were about half of fetal abnormalities, not the reason for half of late term abortions. I couldn't find any reporting around the reason for late term abortions specifically.

  24. Source? And I never mentioned chromosomal abnormalities as a subset just fetal abnormalities altogether making up the ~50% of late term abortions.

  25. My source is the 2020 version of the same report. What table are you referring to in the 2016 report?

  26. Clear elastic is a really good stabiliser for knit fabrics. Or wonder tape, which washes out.

  27. I have a singer featherweight and a Bernina 440Qe. Love them both 💕

  28. I would rotate that fullness into the princess seam.

  29. Different fabrics (and sometimes different parts of a garment) can often look best when sewn with different stitch lengths.

  30. Grovia Hybrids die hard over here. I love them.

  31. Are you insane ? Piastry betrayed the team, stole 4 millions from Alpine and went somewhere else. How us Otmar the bad guy ?

  32. Piastri "stealing 4 million dollars" is an insane take on what happened. Alpine could have offered him a path to a seat and they didn't do it. So he made his own path. Loyalty goes both ways and Alpine (administratively) did not behave as though they really valued either of the drivers they lost.

  33. Not at three days old, but early potty training is a thing in some cultures, specifically Vietnam. They actually train babies to associate a whistle or sound with peeing and pooping and then essentially get them to eliminate on command surprisingly early, normally before 6 months. Whilst I think trying this on a three day old is deluded it can definitely work on an older baby

  34. My understanding is that it's actually easiest in the early weeks of life, because they are so transparent in their face and body signals when they're about to pee. It gets more difficult as they gain more conscious control over their face and limbs so I think it's pehaps a bit harsh to dismiss this as "deluded".

  35. Pay to ask an expert. IDK, like a phone a sewing expert / coach / teacher service. Who do I call when I need help with difficult, real, niche questions like:

  36. You might like Saremy Duffy's guild. There's a free tier and people post those kinds of questions pretty regularly. In the paid area you get a zoom workshop to ask questions and get detailed answers, and there's also a monthly Skill Building Session on a specific topic. It's a really serious sewing space but also very supportive.

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