My PC Gaming Setup

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  1. What 12vhpwr cables are those ?

  2. Wished those GPU companies would do away lame quotes on their cards.

  3. I know some people got the LC 3 specifically so they could use a 420 AIO from Arctic

  4. Does that front mesh help improve your thermals?

  5. That orange scheme is really inviting

  6. I can’t get depressed looking at this cool setip

  7. Too bad that it’s not properly working on my end. HDR 1000 and when I turn on HDR it washes the colours or brightness the darker areas. Cinematics look fine, but when in city it totally looks too washed up than SDR.

  8. Have u tried to raise the brightness on your monitor? I have the ips version and low brightness washes out my image when I turn on HDR as well

  9. I cant do 2k without begging for more heals

  10. Those fans alone cost more than my entire rig

  11. Wtf, this is really creative! And should be what Overwatch is all about. Too many players playing OW like COD.

  12. It’s fucking total mayhem wtf do you expect idiot

  13. Dont judge the mode just by its name idiot.

  14. Nice. There’s always a cosy feel to these mini cases. Too bad they don’t make the inf mirrors on the fans both ways

  15. Spoiler: it’s never finished.

  16. Wanted to make a joke on where is the fire before coming in. Looks like I got burned instead

  17. Ooohhhh clean, soon to be dusty though

  18. When I think of god tier cable management in a pc case. I will definitely think of yours

  19. Bottom fans are…. Eh never mind. Looks good

  20. That’s a well rounded spec’d pc. Everything’s on point Even maximizing 3600 on 4 dimm slots. You did your homework pal. Good job

  21. I dislike Noctua's color scheme but this is nice. It has some flair to it or maybe i'm just tired of RGB or black everything.

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