1. I recommend a macbook or think pad. Download Rstudio install.packages(“swirl”) library(swirl) swirl()

  2. The Udemy A-Z course is very good but it's not as in-depth as others I have used. For a brief course I'd recommend it but for far more detail the Coursera or Datacamp are excellent.

  3. A trimmed mean is a good example. Trimmed mean removes the first and last 10% of data points so you can look at average of real world results. It’s just a way of removing outliers from summary statistics

  4. No, but if you click + add devices, works with google and search for adt you can link your account

  5. Current User code+801± new user code+ new user code

  6. According to the TOS you’re not even supposed to be online that long. This would involve getting a hotel with a stranger and probably transporting contraband. Fuck no I wouldn’t take it.

  7. Wow holy shit it appears that the only lessons this unlocks are English lessons.

  8. They need drivers that are willing to accept fares as low as $4 that if taken back to back would work out to be less than $15 per hour. Crazy, sad thing is it’s working - Uber/Lyft can hold on to as much as 80% of the fare and don’t have to pay surges or raise the fare up due to decline. Shit there’s UberEats getting picked for for as low as $2.00.

  9. According to the article it should have been very obvious to the driver as the guy came out covered in red ink. Pax goes into bank. No big deal. Pax comes out covered in ink and carrying bags of money. Kind of a big deal. There were probably other signs that the pax was up to something and the driver should have been more careful imo.

  10. The last time I used the app as a customer “refund item if not available” was not the default option. Never let a customer yell at you and report them immediately. Sorry you had that experience.

  11. If I was threatened like that I would cancel the ride immediately. Theres just no justification for that kind of rhetoric.

  12. Not only this but passengers should be putting in a better pickup location in these cases. 100% of this could be avoided if people were willing to walk a short distance to a safer pickup location.

  13. Everyone gets a 5 unless they act like a dick. Anything less than 5 stars and they’ve done multiple things to annoy me. If someone smells bad but they sit back there quietly no problem. If your late for your pick up but that was the only thing then it’s fine. If you’re disrespectful then it’s 2-3 depending on how they acted and what they said. I had a pax that unprompted lectured me about why he doesn’t tip Ubers and he got a 5. I probably should have given him a 1 or 2 for that. But if someone is late, gets mad at me for not knowing exactly which apartment building they’re in when the gps pin was the apartment office, then wants to back seat drive, or if someone makes me feel unsafe then it’s definitely a low rating and I’ll check that do not match box so I don’t have to see them again.

  14. Right but if that’s all you’re doing $ per hour doesn’t matter. Like let’s say he only worked 8 and made $150… then he sits around for another 9 hours and jerks off and watches movies? Instead he works and makes more money.

  15. Planned Parenthood offers a lot of other services besides abortions. Abortions actually make up a pretty small percentage of their appointments. The rest of it is literally just helping people plan their pregnancy hence the name. OP you’re judging women based on assumption when most of them are just simply there to for routine check ups like ultrasound. But even if they are going there for an abortion it’s there business. Do you also morally object to taking people to bars so they can ruin their body with alcohol?

  16. That seems really high for 10 hours. We’re you working an event? Is 5 an hour normally doable in your city? I live in a mid size city and I can usually average 3 per hour.

  17. With upfront fares on a Saturday night it's absolutely doable. It wasn't like that all day, I sat downtown for 30 mins with no rides that same day. No special events, just a little rain and nobody wanted to walk.

  18. There's no need to add another cancel reason. Just drive to the pick up, wait out the timer, and use the "rider didn't show up" reason. Get your cancel fee and move on.

  19. Unless you have photographic evidence, don't count on it, especially since you removed proof. Air biscuits and self-contained 💩 not likely to sway support.

  20. I laughed a lot harder at this than OPs post. Both are hilarious but this response has got me right in the funnies

  21. As an “independent contractor” you should be able to. And for me, I wouldn’t care seeing it. You do what you need to do. I’ve witnessed way more annoying practices from shoppers in stores without kids than the ones with them.

  22. This person gets it. You’re an independent contractor using your own vehicle. It seems the vast majority don’t understand this. I wouldn’t mind if I was ordering through the service. In fact I think I would leave a bigger tip if I noticed.

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