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  1. Federal taxes LMAOO. it’s legal theft at this point for the middle class

  2. check your mobile operations center if you have one.. had the same thing happen

  3. I’m not a fan of distillate. At all. I saw this on the menu for $20 and it sounded interesting and it definitely is. Keep in mind I smoke on average about 2-3 luster pods a week and this cart has me VERY medicated. I’ve also ripped it about 7 times and it has a singular tiny air bubble. It is an extremely heavy body high. It’ll make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. It’s odd, I’d compare the taste to Starlight coke (space flavored) but not in a bad way at all. It’s not artificially flavored and has no botanicals it’s just so sweet tasting but I can’t really pin the flavor down lol. The terps could definitely be higher but for $20 this is a steal🔥 I’d personally take this over say a firelands cart any day. Reason for four stars is just because it’s a cartridge and not a pod lmao

  4. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure what you got there is a fish.

  5. I genuinely thought it was a mutated tadpole😭

  6. DEFINITELY the diamonds. One thing tho, that select cart you have right there isn’t distillate it’s broad spectrum which I guess is a step up. It still contains a lot more of the plants native cannabinoids compared to say single pass distillate. Still diamonds tho😂😂

  7. What are we thinking the answer on this poll is gonna be? Overwhelmingly 'no'? Is anybody actually against more options?

  8. I get that. I was trying to get 300+ yes’s so I could potentially use it to get companies on board. Unlikely, but worth a shot

  9. Never had a cured resin pod/cart just actual wax but I almost always prefer the live resinvs cured . What makes you prefer the cured resin carts over the live options we have available now ?

  10. For me personally, it’s more of a well rounded high while live resin is more of a head high. There’s also a BIG difference in flavor. LR taste more fresh but cured resin taste more dank

  11. I don't have an extra minute to wait at the door. I knock and ring, if I don't see or hear movement, I leave the call tag and go.

  12. maybe if UPS learned how to update their tracking the customer would know when to expect their package. This doesn’t only fall on the delivery driver (they’re least at fault) but on UPS’s system as a whole. I know you’re going to say if you don’t like UPS don’t use them, well I can’t control the carrier my company uses. What I do know is I get ab 10+ calls a day with customers yelling at me because UPS is at fault and doing exactly as shown in this video and not updating tracking AT ALL. They need to learn how to treat their employees while implementing an effective system.

  13. My package was stuck in customs for a few days and then come to find out UPS had accidentally lost the Invoice to get it cleared. Which is fine because mistakes happen no biggie. Well I was told it’d be here by the end of the day today and it’s still saying this. I’ve called 10+ times and I’m exhausted from doing that lol. I just don’t know when/what to expect out of this

  14. Okay so IMO you’re in danger. This is not a government issued alert. Androids are at a much higher risk of being hacked, tracked, and manipulated which I see you own one. This message was 10/10 sent by someone non government related which as others have said is TERRIFYING. my recommendation is going to the police station and showing them and explain that you have not been on any sketchy sites and this raised questions about your safety. They will most likely tell you to wipe your phone, and get a new one. I’m not a professional but I do have some background in computer coding and knowledge around malware. I don’t think this is that. I believe someone could possibly have access to your IP address and location. Please be careful and do not click on any links sent to you no matter how convincing they look and also for the time being DONT enter ANY personal information into ANY app or website on your cellphone.

  15. a friend of mine used to jerk off to his moms bras and told me about it.🤢 needless to say the friendship ended immediately💀

  16. like coming up for a fresh breath of air and being drowned 🤯

  17. “uncommon” boy this is perverted and I’d recommend stopping immediately😭 no judgment tho but WOAH💀

  18. Certified makes great oil but the luster pods are too hot for it and the carts leak everywhere. They need to just make normal 510’s not none of the gimmick bs.

  19. There are post every day about certified carts leaking, and the luster pods at first had the issue with the burnt shit leaking back into it I find certified’s to be the worst for that issue. I don’t see why ppl are mad that I just want normal 510 carts lol

  20. I get what you’re saying. Ppl sometimes lose their chill when you start dissing their fav company 😂

  21. I am not shaming the patients for wanting a product to taste good. I am shaming a corporation for selling a low quality product at high costs while attempting to convince the patients of Ohio they are doing them a favor.

  22. Idk what you’re talking ab price wise. I see BR botanical carts/lusters for $39-$50 MAX. Most of the time they’re $39.

  23. Let me show you what I am talking about.These Platinum vapes have more Distillate in them and are higher in potency and LOOK AT HOW MUCH THEY COST compared to that 39+$ you are being charged here.

  24. Trust me I know it rlly does suck. BUT as someone else said we have under 20 cultivators whereas they have ab 900. Being a blue state they are running a lot more effectively then we are as a strict medical program. for example in other states I see select carts for $30 a gram but yet we have to pay $70? It’s shitty but it’s a lot better than not having a medical program at all. Illinois is ab $40-$80 for a HALF GRAM. if you live in NE Ohio I’d just start going to Michigan. The only reason I don’t is bc of the legal trouble.

  25. the revolter sounds mean af for being what it is💀

  26. Superstar for $9 OTD? that’s a steal. I don’t even like select, but their superstar cart is fire IMO.

  27. I HATE how people always blame it on the coil😂😂 here in Ohio we have carts that are 840 milligram instead of an entire whole gram, and that looks identical to one of our carts💀. when I get whole grams at the dispo they’re filled to the rim. Given the fact I spend ab $70 for a whole gram LMAO but still.

  28. The results actually shocked me so much that I thought it was Fahrenheit

  29. Yes I do. I tried connecting it empty and it flashed and smoked.

  30. Damn:/ sorry man it seems like you might be out of luck tn. Losing a cart blows😭

  31. OK what about the mixed e-liquid and oil which is currently in the original Aegis Tank? Can I smoke it if I replace the coil head with a ceramic one?

  32. I personally have never done it. It sounds risky but honestly if I was rlly wanting to get stoned I’d give it a try. Just be careful and observe. If you notice your chest hurting bad or get light headed stop immediately. But again it sounds risky so do so at your own risk. Good luck man and if you remember lmk how it goes!

  33. usually when I go out with something like that, I come back with it empty😂😂

  34. Seems like a lot of people have been getting downvoted lately for mentioning Michigan. But it’s totally the way to go. I don’t care for vapes personally, but I’ve tried them from Ohio and Michigan and never noticed a difference. Michigan has had live resin vapes though longer than the Ohio program.

  35. Michigan can sometimes be hit or miss tho. It reminds me a lot of the rec/med program in Illinois. Which is a nightmare and Michigan isn’t nearly that bad but IMO comparable.

  36. Michigan is nothing like the Illinois program. If it were people wouldn’t drive from Illinois to Michigan. Rec tax is like 35 percent in Illinois….

  37. Nice terps and thc too. Definitely a good deal!

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