1. If someone posted a picture of me IRL and Called me their wife I would get a restraining order on them

  2. Character on the last slide is a bully and pushed a kid who can’t swim into a lake lmao

  3. excuse me? demanding others to address him as ”Lord”?

  4. Please reply to this comment explaining why you believe this person is faking. Thanks <3

  5. They literally posted 2 videos yesterday of them standing perfectly fine. This person is only 13 and I feel so sorry for them

  6. in 2014/15 don't remember the exact year I was feeling very depressed and suicidal. there was nothing that I wanted to live.

  7. I was there! Only old song they played was caraphenelia and only misadventures song was circles. Regardless the show was still wonderful!

  8. I’m scrolling and no one has an update - did the kid die?

  9. Seriously!! I’m looking so hard for an update. I don’t even know what to google to find an answer

  10. Please reply to this comment explaining why you believe this person is faking. Thanks <3

  11. I’m sad that I recognize this person just by their voice. I spend way too much on this sub & did tiktok

  12. I think she looks way better with brown hair but that’s just me. I also think she would look 1000 times better without those eyelashes tho

  13. I just made my way into a system server and oh my god- these people are crazy

  14. I genuinely want to know what discord servers these are supposed to be about. Like is it just dedicated to talking about DSMP?

  15. My mom hates Harry Potter and I was never allowed to watch/read it as a kid. Also when I was kid we adopted a cat that she name Aslan after the lion from Narnia lol

  16. Dang I never thought I could use my stammer for clout points!

  17. I don’t mean to brag but I can’t pronounce my R’s correctly 🤷🏼‍♀️ /s

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