Putin ready for negotiations with West on certain conditions

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  1. if you draft enough people, its not needed

  2. Despite gas storage levels and gas consumption levels looking like Europe will get through this winter just fine (perhaps the next one may be slightly trickier), it still seems like the majority of reporting on the matter from US news papers is rather alarmist.

  3. jeez dude.. click optimization.. that's... fat.... xD

  4. warhead was just stolen

  5. The amount of people to scared to talk is unreal, literally scared to have an opinion.

  6. they have new law in r*ssia - now they cage you for any army criticism. soon they will be allowed to talk only at their homes and quietly

  7. Oh. Is that how it works? Ok then. Russia is mine.

  8. yep. this is the new world order they were talking about. btw i claim Norway

  9. Ukraine is probably getting 1st-rate satellite and signals Intel from NATO. Plus filtered human intelligence, via CIA and MI6, from Russian civilian and military sources.

  10. no, in fact Ukraine have to buy hi-res images from commercially available satellite companies

  11. aaaand this is why french companies like l’oreal and others are back selling their shit in r*ssia

  12. Hi, I think Ukraine will make significant battlefield advances and that by next Spring they will be in a position to threaten Crimea. I think Putin will shift the political focus, maybe installing a 'Governor' of the eastern regions, upon whom he can pin the blame for the ejection of Russian forces in a bid to get out of the country whilst blaming someone else. I think Ukraine will be pragmatic over the future of Crimea, possibly allowing some form of UN-brokered demilitarization. I think it is notable President Zelensky said on Tuesday what his demands are for a start of negotiations and, for once, stopped short of calling for Putin to leave power. Thanks for the question. Regards, Dom.

  13. and this installed “guy to blame" gonna pay reparations to Ukraine and will be heading to Gaaga, right?

  14. It was only 3 or 4 years ago that Kyiv had a big campaign to raise awareness of the spelling, so it is a relatively recent push overall

  15. looks like legalization of places where you can sell drugs. hello Berlusconi

  16. if voting will ever happen anytime soon

  17. I'm just a random Schmuck, but if I were Biden, this is what I'd ask for:

  18. he said he wants to negotiate with West, not Biden

  19. you can always order an emm.. escort service?

  20. but should I feed this oldman?

  21. They are probably mining the borders with their usual level of quality and skills.

  22. yes, thats why I created this topic. if solution will be found hopefully, it could be useful for everyone

  23. What are your pc specs by any chance? Did you play the game before without any issue and just started after update?

  24. better than recommended. stuttering happens even on minimal settings. frame rate is stable 60fps

  25. I dont know man, I just want freakin microstutter to be fixed

  26. yes, unless you have bought "zero-wait" tokens

  27. better fix fuckin microstutter

  28. cheaters usually post the keys they used to public to make investigation having troubles

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