1. Good point! Those ideas that come at night never really fully die. Keep at it.

  2. What is your highest priority? Naps aren't bad. Are you doing everything you can to find a job?

  3. You can't stop the urge, that is like trying to stop a tidal wave. You can choose what to do with the urge (with time).

  4. Your urges for intimacy and sex are good. Self love will help you overcome more shit than self hate ever could. Love yourself for trying your best. Be proud of every temptation you overcome!

  5. Do the videos and reading horny stuff make you more desperate? I know that stuff would mess with my mind. I think you should reevaluate why you do that stuff and what you gain from it.

  6. Yes, reading about sex, seduction etc make me feel more desperate. I started this journey to quit this habit of masturbation. As i felt really bad after masturbation. But as I started my journey I felt really desperate for sex and trying my best to get it. I am doing exercise and making my personality better.

  7. Can you read about other stuff/do other stuff that makes you feel better?

  8. Good job! Say yes to other things that make you feel good, like working out, eating a great meal, spending time with family/friends. If you want to make this sustainable, you have to balance out saying no to bad things with saying yes to good things :)

  9. Good insights! I especially agree that this is a lifestyle change more than a challenge. Keep up the good fight!

  10. Cold turkey. Addictions like this are addictions because they cannot be moderated.

  11. Oh shit. It's okay, pick yourself up and try again, maybe don't take your phone/electronics into the bathroom?

  12. Sometimes it is better not to obsess over your streak number count every day. I have definitely done that. What leads to you failing?

  13. How does it feel? Maybe you can write this down and review it when you get tempted.

  14. Hey it happens, pick yourself up and learn from the relapse. Why did you relapse? Just take it one minute at a time. You'll get better with time and deliberate practice.

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