1. That's awesome, do you plan on expanding this into something more or was this just a fun little project?

  2. Probably not, the main goal of the project was just to test GitHub Copilot (the whole game is written with GitHub Copilot)

  3. Love it! feels really smooth! One thing I’d comment on is I feel the speed lines need tweaking. They seem a little one-note right now where they only ever show up at the same rate even when you’re going faster and accelerating towards the top as opposed to slowing down by the bottom of the grapple’s arc. Maybe tweak them so they don’t show up at the slow part of the fall so there’s a greater emphasis on the speed difference? Or maybe they just need a variable rate. It feels like you’re soooooo close to really bailing that gamefeel right now so keep pushing!

  4. Thank you, I’ll definitely have a closer look into tweaking the speed lines and dynamically adjusting them. I think it’s a great idea!

  5. Here's my full devlog, in case you are interested!

  6. Good job! I would really want to know how to make those speed particles.

  7. They are simple particle effects (cone shape) that goes around the camera.

  8. How do you get those in-line syntax error messages in VS Code?

  9. what parkour elements are there and also how did you make the controller, rigid body or something else

  10. If you are interested in finding out more about the parkour elements, check out my

  11. Cool animations, though I feel they could be ever so smoother but maybe the video is rendered at 30fps, idk.

  12. I made the animations to be quite snappy on purpose. Otherwise, they seem to be smoother than in the Reddit video on my screen.

  13. Yeah, you hit the nail on the head. I took Jett's dash animation as a reference. I've actually tried making different animations, because I couldn't find one that looks natural. If my game is lacking originality because of this I'll change it in the future.

  14. Here's my Devlog video, showcasing more stuff:

  15. I would personally keep all the body, maybe remove the head. But having the rest of the body actually looks nicer when you look down at your feet for example, plus you can have the same animator for first & third person if you ever intend to be able to switch or you doing multiplayer. Not to mention easy IK out of the box. To adjust the animation to make it look better I would rely on FinalIK which is not free, I'm sure other options exist or your own skeleton controller with basic stuff could also do the trick since you can easily keep a bone in the same local position using a script instead of manually doing it for all animations! Although it should be mentioned that most animations will lack a lot of detail and attention from the first person perspective since they weren't meant for that initially.

  16. Thanks for the feedback! The legs in first person view is a great idea I hadn't thought of. I should've also looked at a bit more practical solution (like using skeleton controller as you mentioned) for minor adjustments to the animation. Using the animation window is what I've considered to be the most intuitive method when I was making the video.

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