1. Should I delete my high school on my resume or keep it and add the fact that I was valedictorian

  2. why not list being valedictorian, doesn't seem like any downsides

  3. reddit keeps throwing "you broke Reddit!" error pages at me lately and it's kinda pissing me off

  4. maybe this is actually addressed in the movies but like how the fuck do they know the matrix is not in fact inside the matrix

  5. they don't, matrix-in-matrix is a very popular interpretation

  6. speaking of old reddit, results from the straw poll from yesterday:

  7. The figure that most stuck with me about Communist Russia's genocide of Ukrainians is the life expectancy. Under the oppression of the Tsar, a Ukrainian male would expect to live 49-52 years. After the Revolution, that number fell to 29 years. During the dekulakization of the Holodomor, life expectancy fell to 7 years. A decade after the Holodomor, it had risen only to 15 years. Millions of Ukrainians were butchered at the hands of Stalin.

  8. this is fascist-capitalist propaganda lies that never happened! but also the kulaks deserved it! and actually the kulaks committed genocide by refusing to starve to death for the revolution

  9. Interesting. I'm always skeptical of online reactions as it's very easy for a small group to be extremely loud but I'm also not on the Chinese side of the internet so

  10. thats also true, but it's really doing quite badly in the Taiwanese/Chinese/Korean box offices

  11. As a licensed druggist, that is an appropriate starting dose for a clinician wanting to be safe. The starting dose of 40mg should be for someone older than 6 years of age and weighing 70kg or more.

  12. I was talking about ADHD meds with someone and mentioned that I was getting Strattera in 18mg pills. And they said wait it's supposed to start at 40mg. So I googled the dosing guidelines for Strattera and, it turns out.


  14. Because everyone is worse off then they were with Trump as president. Not hard to understand all people care about is the economy and inflation. Plus Biden hasn't delivered on his campaign promises. He is out of touch and too old to be president.

  15. At least pretend to be making a good faith effort, there's literally a list in the second paragraph of this very article. You can disagree with it, but then you should as a bare minimum explain why you disagree. Instead of sealioning for answers that's been well documented in

  16. "This is what those leftist critics of Biden never understand. They want a leftist Trump who will be ineffective but makes them feel good rather than a responsible president who improves things in their direction."



  19. living in a fantastic home, playing with a cute dog, working a (at least, seemingly) undemanding job where he even goes home and play at lunch, and watching tv with food and drinks he enjoy?

  20. Yeah, can we make an rule for places like Jacobin, mods?

  21. I do recommend people use archive or just take screenshots of Jacobin headlines rather than linking to the articles, but it doesn't really come up that often.

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