1. There were women before you. There will most likely be women after you. Get over it.

  2. i had man in my life before him and i might have man in my life after him, yet i don’t keep any saxual or nude pictures of them or us. I am not hurt he had anyone in his life before me, i am sad that he didn’t let it go after 1,5 years later while being with me. I wouldn’t even be this hurt if they were normal pics (btw he does has pictures with their friend group that had inclueded her from that time and we had talked about it before, i am totally okay with it)

  3. Thats not okay, and you should confront him about it. Having a few photos is fine, since people ingrain themselves in our lives, and become memories. But nudes and naked pictures are a no-no. That's very disrespectful to you and your relationship, and he straight up lied to you. i don't think you should tolerate this behavior.

  4. but also i am in the wrong too i shouldn’t have go through his phone (edit missing word)

  5. Docs. Black 1460 nappa/Virginia leather boots. Keep me from breaking my fucking ankles even if I did slip. Which I don’t.

  6. Oh sweet. Sorry I'm a curious soul. I thought one was raised and I thought it was a allergy test lol. I may be dumb

  7. i have been through a lots allergy tests gotta give you a point they do look like that

  8. just to clarify, I do not take it personally, i am just a little sad that people always assume that i cannot be playing, or good at a certain game. I know it’s the same for every (or most) girls in this community.

  9. Same reason you might assume comic book readers would be men 🤷🏼 there's a cultural association with the two. Not that more women shouldn't play, but how many women frequent your locally game store? Cause I think around here (in the middle of nowhere, Indiana) the answer is like 2

  10. there are 10 standart players every fnm and at least for of them are woman, the biggest comic store in my city most customers are woman…

  11. I thought it was a tiny banana at first and thought poor guy with his tiny banana.

  12. I’m sad the top comment isn’t just “big card”

  13. oh there is banana you can find the link in comments

  14. why does that ruler not indicate inches 😭

  15. i forgot how some people don’t use centimeters the other side shows inches and i will post one with the other side today

  16. Damn bro you got a smallass ruler, phone, deck box, hand and coin!

  17. lol can understand you, if you think about the currency difference i make about 17.60$ PER WEEKEND.

  18. holy shit someone please take me away from here THAT IS WHAT I MAKE IN 2 YEARS… f my life

  19. i love sleeping with my boy bestfriend after a drinking night outside, he lives alone and he has a HUGE bed. Every time we drink we go to his house 5-6 people yet I always share his huge bed with him and we giggle all night about the other “stupid” drunks making noises in the other rooms until we fell asleep. Have been duing this for months now and he never touched me, i never touched him. We love eachother, but just as friends so I think that is pretty normal. (I know you ain’t short nor gay OP he is not too)

  20. I am one of those people who are ALWAYS giving out positive energy yet i really wish people would see the broken little girl in me

  21. let them go… there is no need to complicate things

  22. graphic designer tattoo artist barman…. i am not good with man

  23. i go up the scale every morning, at least used to… My bf now is helping me get over my obsession over it and girl, they do like us anyways…

  24. For Turkish cuisine, Begendik Abi restaurant at Urla is a must. But it's a little distant to Aliaga, takes much time and effort with public transport. You can spend some time at Urla, though.

  25. sorry to tell, La Cigale hasn’t been the same for a while, it doesn’t look like it has it’s own old quality

  26. Çakıl ve Zeytin, vintage temalı genelde hafif şarkıları olan çok tatlı bir yer (Alsancak)

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