1. Como se ha dicho por aquí, es una actitud bastante paternalista por tu parte. Es un adulto, él sabe dónde va y seguro que es consciente de ello. Hay más homosexuales que los que crees viajando por motivos laborales por A. Saudí, Qatar o Emiratos de los que puedes imaginar y se cuidan perfectamente.

  2. Hombre, aunque OP lo esté enfocando desde un punto de vista profesional, se puede entender que es por la naturaleza de su relación con el trabajador en cuestión., y que realmente se preocupa por su bienestar.

  3. El tio es la polla. Rápido, inteligente y bueno con clientes pero estoy acojonado por el.

  4. Si puedo ayudar con mi opinión, he vivido unas temporadas en un país no muy ameno a la gente LGBT, y he tenido amigos ahí que me contaron cómo lo viven. Mándame DM con el país concreto, a ver si se asemeja culturalmente a lo que he experimentado, por si puede ayudar :)

  5. It’s good to be positive about these things!

  6. I started hooking up/ having ONS’s after my first breakup and made it clear I do not want a relationship as I’ve just gotten out of one and haven’t had time to process it all and the people I spoke to either understood and we had a mutual agreement or said that’s not for them and went on their way, worst thing to do is try to bounce back into a relationship whilst you’re not fully over one 100%

  7. Nothing wrong with palate cleansing, as long as everyone is one the same page. Also nothing wrong with a post-breakup hookup turning into something meaningful over time, as long as all the cards are on the table.

  8. Bingo! Ponds, conservation areas or on the face of a hill. If someone can buy land between you and the view, assume they will.

  9. Oh shoot I just got your gist after a re-read, now getting a Simpsons moment lol, “Inflammable means flammable? What a country!”

  10. Lmao he has a notebook where he’s been scaling all of this numerically and one day, you peak

  11. Después de 10 años de salir de la uni, ni sabía que existía tal estatuto.

  12. Jaja, antes teníamos el “estatutto bene” ;)

  13. Yeah, if the boss told him not to tell anyone he should have said that he absolutely HAS to discuss a major decision like this with his wife and that she could also sign an NDA. Not being comfortable buying a business without talking to your spouse seems very reasonable.

  14. Not to defend the husband’s actions, but he may have been afraid of being left out. All the more reason he should have shared this with his partner.

  15. Ask for Hemicraneal, if I remember correctly you don't need a recipe to buy them and they work great for migraines

  16. I smiled at “recipe” lol, it means “receta” but in the culinary sense. Medical “receta” is “prescription” :)

  17. Yep, just got one a couple of weeks ago without prescription. They did ask for one for Enanplus though (Enantyum + Tramadol) when I ran out of the pack.

  18. To be fair, it's not like they're going to see anti-ship action against Ukraine anyway.

  19. They’re further fucking up their already fucked up military capabilities.

  20. I agree with your assessment, but I’d like to add that in the French language, the suffix -ard is mostly derogatory, although they have no equivalent to “Spaniard”.

  21. Yes, the suffix can be used in a pejorative sense, but I would disagree that it's most.

  22. I see your point, I said most, because the suffix has five main definitions, from most to least relevant/used:

  23. I cannot imagine the insurance company that would actually insure 64 Iron Mans. A custom-built suit with many, many absolutely unique integrated parts that gives its user power commensurate with a fucking Asgardian god would be practically impossible to properly evaluate if it were just used safely. But Tony doesn't use them safely. He uses them to fight supervillains, fuck up his business rivals, and perform some privatized world peace.

  24. I was surprised to read in the contracts the other day that my health insurance explicitly mentions it does not cover treatment if injuries from a terrorist attack or a cataclysm. I mean I knew this was a thing for other kinds of insurance, but healthcare?

  25. On the one hand, yes. On the other hand, in many states - charging a minor for rent and utilities is the kind of thing that gets CPS involved, unfortunately. A lesson is due this kid but definitely be careful in how you go about it.

  26. Not allllways, I purchased a car after the listing had been up only 6 minutes.

  27. Lol the buyer probably was just trying to scam the $400. They probably didn’t think they would actually get the laptop too.

  28. I kinda hope they gave a phoney address and that the post service will return it to the sender.

  29. Make him clear that this is a very severe crime in Spain, doesnt matter you give the images voluntarily, and also that he is extorting you. That he continues with this you are going to lawyer up and go to the last consequences. Try to get as many proof as possible.

  30. @OP this is the answer. Zero tolerance for this type of emotional extortion. Hopefully you scare that individual off and are able to move on with your life asap. Best of luck!

  31. There was a mistake in compiling the data. Looks like HJ and BJ got combined in that chart.

  32. Oh good, I was worried about carpal tunnel syndrome.

  33. Recuerda llevar cambio o billetes pequeños (de 5 o 10 como mucho), para evitar problemas a la hora de pagar.

  34. Spain is in the top 10 countries of gender equality and the most feminist country in Europe. (Forbes)

  35. This means that the efforts employed are bearing fruits, but we always need to strive for a better society and never let our guard down.

  36. It’s like finish with “ok?” You can answer ok, but no needed, it’s just they are confirming the message is clear depend of the context. Your appointment is at 6 o clock, vale? Ok, entendido I will be there

  37. Yeah I’m gonna need you to go ahead and finish those TPS reports, ok? Thanks, bye.

  38. Debajo de “Is that even Spanish” en la categoría “Inexistent”, es invisible.

  39. Americans got abortion banned and they did jackshit. We french strike even before they think about it because man that shit is basic women rights.

  40. This is the way. Politicians and their corporate sponsors care about public opinion when they have to make executive decisions, so better to preemptively make the headlines rather than protest later.

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