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  1. The age of legends was more technologically advanced then our current real world

  2. Yep, I think there's even a brief reference to space travel being a thing in one of those funny "villain is boasting and Nynaeve isn't listening" scenes.

  3. Moghedian, and Nynaeve basically punched her in the face.

  4. The wolves keep talking about the forsaken and Perrin just shrugs it off all through AMoL.

  5. The problem with power fantasies is that they need some REALLY GOOD WRITING in order to pull off right because there are no physical struggles. Many people who write power fantasy novels (which are adapted into animated media) are beginner writers who have little or no concept of worldbuilding, characterization, or application.

  6. I like that cover except it showing Min hiding behind Rand. Her first reaction was to throw a knife and this cover doesn't do her justice.

  7. Min is supposed to be behind Rand, he jumps in front of her when Semirhage launches the fireball.

  8. Four, we have four posts in 5 hours, can we get 5?

  9. Jordan's comments about finishing the series in one volume no matter the size lead me to believe it would have been split by publishers just as the Sanderson books were.

  10. a mechanism that can keep the helmet locked, with no manual override, would be an obvious red flag.

  11. Because we never got to modern times in Erebonian History 101. We were still talking about dreichels and the lance maiden in class.

  12. And then Kirito just deus ex machina's himself to kill Ainz. That's the part that pissed me off the most in SAO: Gets killed, but doesn't die and kills Heathcliff/Kayaba instead, because plot author got lazy to think.

  13. Or the fact that human will can surpass the system had been set up multiple times in the story to that point with Asuna doing it twice before that scene, and then continues to be a theme for the entire series.

  14. True, WoU pissed me off in those regards. I was looking forward to Asuna fighting off the flank with a few lances impaling her. The nightmare sequence was still pretty good, but you’re right it could’ve been better. I was mostly annoyed that they cut the kiss before the Gabriel fight tbh

  15. The explanation of why Kirito was stronger after waking up would have been nice too.

  16. Edit something is wrong with my reddit currently.

  17. Cool thanks always wondered.. the aesthetic of the worlds i couldnt find any mental reference of where.. never played ultima 🤔

  18. When SAO was written only Ultima Online and Everquest Online existed as MMOs.

  19. It's one of those action games that feels like a button masher even if you're not mashing buttons. I found the dungeon design to be monotonous and repetitive.

  20. Another black sister for Thom's corpse collection pile.

  21. Well it's not like surpassing the rings in the show is that hard to do. There are tons of ways they could have done the rings to convey what they wanted and still kept them closer in accuracy.

  22. .hack is classified as Drama, Adventure, and Fantasy. And that's just the anime which is only part of the story. You also have the games and manga. It also came out before that shitstain of a knockoff that is SAO. Sign came out in April 2002.

  23. SAO was written in 2001 and prototypes of it exist as far back as 2000.

  24. 2002 it was made actually (could not find an exact month though.)

  25. It was written for a february 2002 contest, so yeah it would have been written in 2001.

  26. Well the “Kawahara is a bad writer” comes because of him using character who turn into rapists as villains for like 3 arcs, making almost all the girls fall in love with the main character because he can’t think much of a role, and well isn’t Kirito overpowered because Kawahara was into online games and wanted to write about the top players since he could never be one. Which are all things Kawahara has mentioned.

  27. He wrote one major villain and two minor ones as committing sexual assault in 34 novels worth of material and hasn't written one since 2005.

  28. We have the guy in the Aincrad arc, the guy in GGO who was part of the group who were the main antagonist and 2 guys who do seem like minor villains in the Underworld. Also pretty sure those 3 arcs are a big chunk of the SAO story. Also considering people gave Miura grief for it despite Berserk being older (also that except in cases like Wyald he handled it better), doesn’t excuse how old the material is.

  29. Shinkawa was attempting murder suicide to isekai himself and sinon into a new world. He'd lost all concept of reality. Sugou (main villain) and Raios and Humpbert (minor antagonists) are the only attempted sexual assaults in the original writing.

  30. Cousin who was actually brought up together like a sibling wants to bang Kirito, because of course she does lol. Somehow they managed to take "uh-oh stepbro" and make it ACTUAL INCEST, except one step removed lol. Priceless.

  31. She decidedly does not want to bang Kirito. Her entire character arc is burying any feelings she has and trying to fall in love with the next halfway interesting guy she meets online only to be absolutely crushed that it's also her cousin.

  32. I know, I actually felt sorry for her, but you have to admit it's freaking hilarious lol. Like, how strong is your plot gravitational force that you charm your cousin, whos in love with you and wants to get over it, while playing a different persona in a game millions of people play? What are the odds they'd even meet in the first place? Must be mc powers lol. You have to admit that's the definition of too much

  33. I mean it's not like it's a type of plot that hasn't been used for centuries. Even Tolkein had a "they don't realize they're brother and sister" story.

  34. Pretty much every arc is about the consequences of the SAO incident and how it and VR technology is affecting the real world.

  35. Gary Stu/Mary Stu has been diluted to the point that it means "character I don't like"

  36. I'm not even sure what would be censored, but no they're not.

  37. Because they got some sort of comeuppance after acting all important for doing absolutely nothing.

  38. The difference being influenced by it and under its influence is vast in context, I agreed that he wasnt under its influence, but he was most certainly influenced by it. Regardless of his intentions, he is doing what it wants.

  39. He is decidedly not doing what it want's that's why there's direct conflict between Alberich and Osborne over the rivalries.

  40. Now you are being disingenuous, thats missing the point and you know it. Of course he is doing what the curse wants, just because he also has his plans doesnt mean he doesnt. Again the very fact that this stuff is happening in the first place, like the rivalries is because the curse wants it.

  41. Things are happening the way they are to begin with because all of it was pre-ordained by the Black Records. Ishmelga is just as beholden to them as anyone else.

  42. They're in a committed relationship. They're too young to be married or engaged without parental approval.

  43. They are actually engaged since in ordinal scale which is apparently canon Kirito asked Asuna to marry him

  44. It's almost as big of a taboo as bonding without permission. It absolutely is compulsion.

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