1. Neither, I got adhd out the ass but I’d rather not sweat and rather not have dry skin so I have a normal shower cycle

  2. Giyu and Rengoku, Giyu has crazy defense while Rengoku can annihilate enemies with how fast he was

  3. Now that PvE is cancelled, they better be fixing every single thing in this game.

  4. What? That’s what he looks like? No homo but I’d have rough gay sex with him

  5. Ta doesn’t work because any bearish/ neutral ta would get downvoted here

  6. She's not even hot. Tulsi Gabbard and Sarah Palin are way hotter. They're also a million times smarter.

  7. You can have whatever political opinions on you’d like but she’s def hot

  8. I know this is gonna be hurried under “any price” and lll get called a shill but sub 20 I get leaps, around these prices I don’t do much aside she’d some delta, and at 25 and up I plan to deleverage

  9. Hey, I'm just looking for something that seems nice to yolo at. Don't get mad at me.

  10. For both of you, target and Walmart lost .36% and .41% each today.

  11. 62% of Anheuser's political spending goes to Republicans. 57% of Target's goes to Republicans. Over 90% of North Face's goes to Democrats.

  12. Where the fuck are you getting these statistics


  14. R/stocks is also full of idiots but they just talk in a more fancier way

  15. I might be wrong here but aren’t they also a lot older?

  16. It is what it is, you’ll probably date amazing and horrible people so whatever

  17. I’ll chew it up then spit up half into their mouth like a baby bird

  18. You have to eat the pop tart, not feed it to your friend!

  19. So he’d have to snowball it back into my mouth? That’s kinda gross

  20. Same, at the same time stocks and saving up was glamorized when it’s discovered this entire thing is a casino

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