If someone borrowed your body for a month, what kind of "jiggle the handle" tips would you have to give them so they aren't caught off guard?

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  1. He speaks to a younger generation, my generation!

  2. Your Nancy-boy cream leaked all over the pockets -- suits ruined.

  3. I hope your internal bodily cavities are free of junior mints.

  4. Jerry and George are trying to sell their TV show to a Japanese network and George is convinced that oranges would be some kind of incredible gift to them

  5. Maybe you are 50% Racquel Welch.

  6. Side note: I’ve watched this episode dozens of times but the whole tape recorder storyline kind of fizzles out. It starts to go somewhere but doesn’t have that Seinfeld payoff at the end. It was just so much fluff.

  7. Fun fact: McCarthy is the fattest coach to ever achieve scoregami

  8. I have this issue as well! We've determined it's due to a damaged vagus nerve (I experience other issues, so we know it's this).

  9. Thank you so much for your response! I'll discuss more with my doctor.

  10. Objectively I’d say Puddy. But I have a soft spot for the maestro

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