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  1. Eckhardt's (sp?) was the name of a small grocery store, located behind city hall, in either where Revel Cafe or Mone Thai is today. There was also Cressman's Meats - which was a butcher shoppe, I believe right next door to Eckhardt's. Both were there up until the late 90s, maybe early 00's.

  2. As a lot of other people have suggested: Stella Parks, 100%. BraveTart - her book - is full of approachable and classic content, and the recipes are actually tried and tested... and tested.

  3. Staff properly?? What about respect, Sir? Cleaning as you go, should not only refer to any prep that you are doing, but fucking CLEANING AS YOU GO.

  4. I scrolled down much too far in this thread, before I saw this comment. Such an iconic song and scene.

  5. There are many, but "Return of the Mack" by Mark Morrison is SUCH a banger!

  6. I am living for all of these camera angles!

  7. I just had one at the Oktoberfest celebrations at the German Canadian Club!

  8. I don't know what that is, but it isn't mac 'n cheese.

  9. January is when the constant pain started for me and my entire life went to shit so that’s when it “started” for me, personally.

  10. January 2017 for me. It was shitty before that date, but even shittier after. I feel you.

  11. Jeans are tough, but I have found success wearing Levi's 311 shaping skinny... most of the fabric used is quite stretchy in the waist and legs - which is great if you get swollen legs like me.

  12. I use this expression daily to figure out whether or not people are cool. Instant BF if they know it.

  13. I do that too!! But no one has been able to catch the reference. It makes me sad :(

  14. It looks like someone sprayed the hotel pan with Pam, so it should avoid sticking now.

  15. Cook it like pasta! Large pot, lots of seasoned water. Drain through a sieve when done.

  16. Once, I got a pen that was tied up/stuck in the rubber band around a bunch of green onions!

  17. I would recommend the rice vinegar. It will be sweeter than the white vinegar the recipe calls for, but you can just adjust the amount of brown sugar you use to offset it. Hope it turns out! Chicken Adobo is bomb!

  18. I am very seriously considering switching from my current career, to a career in 911 dispatching. Could I send you a pm and ask a few questions?

  19. Thanh Kieu at Huron and Highbury in the mall. Best Thai in the city.

  20. Went into nursing. Similar stress levels but feels like it's for better reason

  21. I too am thinking about hanging up my whites for scrubs... can you tell me a bit about your experience thus far?

  22. I generally make my roux with a combination of lard and butter, with flour. Any fat with a high smoke point will do, as you will be (and should be) cooking that roux for a long while.

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