1. Madison, WI could be a nice option. With climate change, winters are moderating; but winter sports are also a thing.


  3. The sensor needs to be clean and Watch fitted tightly around the wrist.

  4. A university EE degree requires a lot of math. A basic College Algebra course at a junior college or local university could give you an idea of your math fitness. After that, for the degree there are about three calculus classes plus differential equations. And calculus based EE and physics classes.

  5. Your options and tech info about how it works, see on iPhone:

  6. Im almost certain my kids would prefer I spank them vs the hour long walk and talk about how their behavior can affect the family.

  7. I got both. The worst of both worlds. And if you want your kid to learn how to dissociate, tune out, suffer fr depression, and learn helplessness, then talk to them about what they did wrong for an hour…An hour is like a week to a child.

  8. That’s noise. Let the AW do it’s job, and it can tell you automatically via notification if you’re in a-fib.

  9. Could depend on factors like your age, weight, sex, fitness, health, diet.

  10. 68, feel great. No aches, pains, injuries, or limitations. Walk or workout (run, dumbbell weights, MIIT, ski machine, etc. ) 6 to 7 days a week. Everyone has some health issue but mine are manageable.

  11. Don't worry. Pompeo is attracted to money and power like a moth to a flame. And aside from the Koch's in Wichita, there's not enough money and power in Kansas to keep him here. DC and NYC are more his style.

  12. …and to free transportation and a free meal. Don’t let the diet and trainers fool you.

  13. Happened by St. Louis Armory during recent playoff game. Gigantic game screen and packed w cheering Chiefs fans in St. Louis. I wondered where I was for a second.

  14. AW 7 user here. Records, logs events; manual and long term monitoring options too. AW Health and Fitness apps promote and can motivate lifestyle changes.

  15. A portable single burner induction cooktop uses little energy and is inexpensive, and heats up fast, but requires pots/pans that are iron or steel (magnetic). A possible alternative to a microwave.

  16. I think that all walking-running only workouts lack an important aspect that a full body workout has. There is a lot of muscles from the waist up that help you with movements on day to day basis, and lacking the strength and stability may have significant consecuences when you get older and sarcopenia hits those neglegted muscles. Most older people i have known to get injured, get shoulder and lower back pain. Those things can be prevented if you had proper core/shoulder strength and flexibility.

  17. That’s why in addition to at least walking, older adults should incorporate weight training 2x per week. Can be as simple at circuit training w barbell(s).

  18. Stand still, arms at side for a couple minutes. It also works 100% for men by taking a standing pee.

  19. I can only do what I can do. I did what I did and can’t change history.

  20. We invented the stuff. The newer electronics are child’s play compared to the older. But our eyesight has turned to crap.

  21. Alcohol and to a lessor extent caffeine are known triggers of a-fib. Best to give up especially when you’re dealing w anxiety also.

  22. The AW ECG app detects a-fib events, and high and low HR events. It doesn’t interpret other arrhythmias.

  23. Dammit. They released this way earlier than I thought. Just bought an M1.

  24. FWIW, they’re crediting about $270 for a used M1 mini when buying a new M2. Seems a convenient deal for many folks.

  25. convenient but apple buys back at the absolute low ball price it feels almost scummy.

  26. It’s not a horrible deal if you bought the lowest end model and on sale. Cost per year use and convenience of credit sale isn’t bad.

  27. Dementia is terminal. Both of my relatives w dementia eventually stopped eating, went into hospice care and died peacefully.

  28. Why are you using a tuner for a fan dipole?

  29. Low SWR isn’t supposed to be terribly wide using a fan dipole, and it’s in the attic.

  30. Oh OK…but if you are mainly using the CW portions, you don’t need much bandwidth. How far apart were you able to space the elements?

  31. Not far. It’s been up there a while. I used to build my own wire antennas, but I bought this one. Don’t recall the brand. I’d never used a tuner before, just playing it safe. Using a little LDG Z100Plus auto tuner.

  32. Another consideration is on the CDT there are many alternate trails or routes. It’s uncommon for most hikers to follow the single red line. So hikers can be spread far and wide.

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