1. Aizbrauc uz Ungāriju, Itāliju (vienkārši vienalga kuru valsti kur daudz smēķē)

  2. Kā pedagogs tehnikumā ir interesantas sajūtas

  3. Have a fish on the wall. Leave some pints on the coffe table and ur set.

  4. Very interesting. I was just looking for work and this poped up.

  5. Good. You DM'd me, I think? I'm sorting through my new messages...

  6. Mūc uz Devfgavpil’! Tur tevi neviens nemellēs.

  7. Mēs, kā simetrisku atbildi, varētu ļaut ierosināt krimināllietu pret Krieviju kādam no mūsu noziedzīgajiem grupējumiem.

  8. Inspect element, find img element, set width, height and object fit.

  9. Put one more light closer to the center and closer to the object.

  10. Expensive for a start, but you can do this with Elementor and Crocoblock plugins. Heres a beginer friendly video to get you started.

  11. Guttenberg blocks lol, btw u can copy stuff from .css files in the theme u would like to replicate with your browsers dev tools

  12. Indeed. I have that info, but there are many other elements of design. You think Gutenberg blocks would be best for things like navigation menu/sidebar/and post display (homepage/categories/tags, etc.)?

  13. Well its good for speed, but i personaly use elementor pro with the new containers, and i can create any design i draw up in figma just with the hello-ellementor theme. But you already mentioned elementor. Its good for navigations, footers, post-types, e.t.c.

  14. Additional product attributes - sorry for bad english

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