1. What are people doing if they need to use the restroom while waiting? I'm type one diabetic and have to pee constantly lmao. Are people going to other UT buildings?

  2. Self policed numbering system usually. Allows you to leave the queue for a bit to go to the toilet or grab food.

  3. That's a VERY cool and rare find! Congrats! Does make me wonder if we get rotations (we should) in America since there's none on here.

  4. The two shirts Matt wore on stage in the summer are on sale as merch! Fuck yeah!

  5. Oh god I want to get these tomorrow at the MN concert. How much were they though? Probably really expensive

  6. Can we believe in this site? Or these shirts are just fake, bad poor-made copy of actual t-shirt?

  7. They are not original, that's for sure.

  8. Crashes when switching settings seem to have been fixed, no more issues there.

  9. Crashes when switching settings seem to have been fixed, no more issues there. DLSS actually works now too. Still runs like shit in the DX12 version, especially with Raytracing.

  10. Ridgeline is an interesting one because it's a way to challenge ourselves in a way -- if we can make fighting two suspects in a house engaging and drawn-out, it paves the way for a lot of interesting future levels. Definitely will add more suspects if it ends up being just too plain, at the very least for Raid. We're introducing some fixes (for some reason Gerard was invincible to damn near everything). Thanks for the feedback!

  11. The main issue i feel like is the dynamic of the map. Most of my runs starts in the basement, I would get attention of one of the suspects so he comes down stairs and put himself in a bad position, after that Gerald would pick a room where he can get corner (this mainly just happen on 3rd floor balcony.

  12. There definitely are traps on the map btw, I've defused them on several doors already.

  13. For me it has been hit and miss a bit - My first go at the map I was playing as a Duo and Gerard and his accomplice played cat and mouse for a good ten minutes. It was as tense as it could be, loved it! We constantly had to keep our heads on a swivel. Other attempts were quicker as the suspects didn't reposition as often and once Gerard came out of a vent in front of us right as we entered the house! I love the fact that they often start firing at us when we are still outside.

  14. The SSD will basically be entirely taken up by FS 2020, it's way too small. In addition the price to performance is horrible, please get a different pre built.

  15. wait a minute is the news part of this mod fucking voiced?

  16. Nah, you get text messages sent to your phone and you can view the news on your PC as well. Voiced news aren't doable from a technical standpoint I think.

  17. ah gotcha. was watching a video of someone going thru the mod on nexus and there was a radio segment i didnt recognize relating to stocks lol.

  18. The news do add quite a bit of flair imo, they reinforce that your actions have consequences in the world, at least to me.

  19. Angeblich sind in Polen in einem Dorf an der Grenze zur Ukraine 2 Raketen eingeschlagen und haben zwei Menschen getötet.

  20. Location ist mittlerweile bestätigt. Hier Fotos von Trümmerteilen, sehr wahrscheinlich russische Cruise Missile.

  21. I highly, HIGHLY doubt this is real and not just an elaborate fake. Reasons for that:

  22. I highly, HIGHLY doubt this is real and not just an elaborate fake. Reasons for that:

  23. Oh Gott wer hat den Praktikanten an den offiziellen Account gelassen

  24. "Hey create content for us for free." How meta of them. It's very cyberpunk. :P

  25. You are aware each winning entry gets 3000 USD?

  26. Wahrscheinlich der größte Raketenangriff seit dem 25. Februar. Diesmal beschießt Russland aber fast nur zivile Gegenden. Die neuen Flugabwehrsysteme können nicht schnell genug kommen.



  29. Does the mod solve the part where you can't beat the game because you grabbed the quest item already?

  30. If you already grabbed it, no it doesn't. Although as far as I know, grabbing the jacket doesn't actually brick the quest, you supposedly just have to talk to your partner on the balcony to progress.

  31. Link to the mod made by the talented KeanuWheeze:


  33. Yep, sad it was never made available as one of the ownable apartments.

  34. If you're on PC, that might change soon...

  35. Thanks! If anyone knows the price for the other gigs let me know!

  36. Gibt's tatsächlich, gibt ein schönes Video wie eine S.M.A.R.T-Submunition, aus einer PzH 2000 verschossen, einem russischen Fahrzeug eine Hohlladung reindrückt.


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