1. I see sarcasm isn’t your strong suit

  2. Because Opie only did it for his kids, and Jax didn’t advertise it bc at that point Jax and Opie were the only people that knew Clay killed him.

  3. Do we know all 9? Obviously clay JT and Pinney. Then 1 Irish guy, maybe 2? Lenny. Do we know the rest?

  4. No Otto Delaney shocks me. Thanks for the link

  5. I met David LaBrava in December at SteelCityCon and he’s amazing. We were talking about the show and he asked me how many times I’ve watched it. I told him “I’ve watched it so many times that I could recite every word that was said during all of the major scenes in the show.” His response was “I can still remember all of my lines in the show bc Happy didn’t say much.” I then said “but when Happy did say something, it was always true and provided comedic relief when we needed it.” He laughed then grabbed my phone and took 3 pics of us. One was a regular pic and the other two were hilarious!

  6. Unser had the first home invasion. They broke in and kicked his ass.

  7. One happened at a crow eaters house and the other happened at one of TM’s mechanic’s house. I think their names were Lynette and Wade? They didn’t happen on camera, but Eli mentioned them during a convo at TM with some of the guys right before Jax pulled up with Bobby.

  8. Based on his most recent interview I don’t think he knows. When he first talked about it he said he’d be open to Jax flashbacks, but when the question was asked recently he said to look at it as he’s getting ready to bake a cake but none of the ingredients have been put in the bowl.

  9. Can you please pin this question and Sutter’s answer

  10. Don’t go into it thinking it’s SOA or you’ll be disappointed. Also, the first 5-6 episodes are slow, but if you can push through those episodes the pace picks up. Also, the show gets better every season imo.

  11. I saw a lot of people wearing an SOA kutte at both of the cons I went to, but none of them acted “like they were the real deal”.

  12. Absolutely Stahl! I watched the show when it originally aired and I literally stood up and cheered when Opie killed her.

  13. Enjoy the rest of the ride! Also, I’m patiently waiting for your “I just finished the show, I’m crushed, and idk what to do with my life right now…” post.

  14. Mayans is very good show imo. I will say I tried to watch the pilot episode 6 times and could never get through the first 30 minutes. A friend of mine told me the first 5-6 episodes were hard for her to get through too bc they were slow and to give it another chance, which I did. Season 2 > Season 1, Season 3 > Season 2, and Season 4 > Season 3. Also, don’t go into it thinking it’s SOA bc although a very good show, it’s very different.

  15. Didn’t they black out the tats on Clays back though when he was kicked out?

  16. Clay only had one tat on his back, but it was more so the back of his left shoulder. He had the reaper on his right arm.

  17. My memory is shit but she made a ref to Jax or Gemma about it being cut by the girls in jail. Making friends the Gemma way lol Please correct me if I'm wrong!

  18. “Making friends the Gemma way” was in reference to her hand and the only thing she ever said about her hair was after Gemma said “I like the hair”, to which Tara replied “Thanks, all the cholas are wearing it like this. I can hook you up if you want.”

  19. Maggie did an interview prior to season 6 and said she had wanted to cut her hair for awhile but Sutter wouldn’t let her. When she got the first script for season 6 she asked him again and he was against it at first until she explained why. Her reasoning behind it was most of the women associated with the Outlaw MC life all had long hair, and she wanted to distance herself away from that lifestyle and everyone associated with it including Jax.

  20. I want to know how they are from those who have met Juice, Tig & Jax!

  21. See my comment above about Charlie and Theo

  22. Jax said why when he talked to Nero for the last time. His exact words were “I’m not a good man. I’m a criminal and a killer. I need my sons to grow up hating the thought of me.”

  23. Well, Tig did say “I’m terrified but totally erect” when looking at and touching one of the sex dolls after Opie asked him if he was ok in season 4, so my answer is yes.

  24. I linked the original script and trailer, but the original pilot episode has never been linked or released afaik. As for your question about it being similar to the rest of the series, the answer is yes.

  25. She worked under another surgeon until some point while Jax, Clay, Tig, Bobby, Juice, and Happy were in Stockton. She didn’t even have her own office until season 4 and told Jax that she made good money in the first episode when he told her he wanted to get out, but he refused to live off of his wife. She also got rid of the “old beater” and bought a brand new car while they were in Stockton. Jax also would’ve never let her fund the Ireland trip to find Abel bc it was a club thing and he didn’t want any of her money tied to club business. She renovated the outside of their house while he was in Stockton and how do you know that Jax didn’t have a mortgage? As for not having the electronic lock on her office door, that was probably hospital policy. Also, she did have a regular lock on her office door, but she rarely used it.

  26. It was the bandana that Jax used to wipe the blood off that he got on his hands while taking the SOA tag off of the Mayan that Opie killed. Jax was never wearing it, he had it in his pocket.

  27. Interesting. I wonder if that's why Michael Chiklis had a cameo in the last 2 episodes of SoA? Seems likely now that I know Kurt was involved in both.

  28. That is why, but Sutter knew he couldn’t use him early on or as much as the other actors from The Shield in the series bc he knew everyone wouldn’t be able to see him as anyone other than Vic Mackey

  29. You really should try to watch at least the first season. It’s a very good show.

  30. That doesn’t make you a horrible fan. I liked Opie but he was never one of my favorite characters. His death and wake broke me regardless. His death was hard for me bc I didn’t see it coming and bc of Jax’s, Chibs’, and Tig’s reaction. His wake was brutal bc of the song “Lost Boy” and Jax saying “I’ll see ya later brother.”

  31. I think most people do and he changed after Opie died

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